AAAC 28 Feb: 'Arthur Verocai' by Arthur Verocai

Here’s an epic 1970s Brazilian treat for this week’s AAAC. And you only have to sit through 29 minutes as it’s pretty short.

Arthur Verocai by Arthur Verocai from 1972. I got it as a Spotify ‘discover’ recommendation a while back and was sold after about 20 seconds. Googling, I discovered it was something of a legendary cult album, popular in hip-hop circles, original LPs would go for £2,000. He had a career in music, but only made one other album decades later in 2007.

It’s genuinely magnificent. Beautifully melodic, rich and varied. Think of an easy listening version of Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ on the Copacabana.



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Yep, that’s selling it to me :rolling_eyes:

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It does have some flute. And the last track is jazz fusion. If you can make it through the easy listening… :grinning:

Quite fancy this from the description, will have a listen when I get home later.

Oh goooood fuck…it is not the annual I agree with @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi LP thread already is it? :tired_face:This’ll be weapons-grade shite if that’s the case.

I’m going to wait until next week to try this out, after my partial disembowelling by the NHS. I’ll be off my face on drugs and very pleased if it gives me the shits as that will mean I can go home.


I have this, has a couple of killer tracks for sure. :+1:

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The £2k version? :heart_eyes:

Cheap re-ish but yours for 2k if you so desire :smirk_cat:

Haha…best see if I like it first…:wink:

…but as Waltzing Matilda has already condemned it, I probably will :+1:

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Early seventies Brazilian jazz- funk (sort of), you may like it. Terry may like it actually… Well, until the geezer starts singing. :joy:

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I think he will like the last track. The rest, I’m not so sure… It’s one of those weeks where it’s hard to tell. :confused:

I was tempted to pick some nice modern Portuguese prog in Oz’s honour, see if he liked it, but the drum sound is a bit off. Anyway, might cheer him up if Arthur is too much

Are there flutes, capes and wizardy-lyrics? If not Terry won’t give it the time of day I’m afraid.

There is a flute involved in the making of the album. The singing is in Portuguese so let’s just say, yes, it’s all about wizards and stuff. :wink:

And me too, though I’m sure I’ll enjoy the purchase

Fuck. The album club actually has become all about Terry.

Again :confounded:

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Oz is an entertaining accompaniment to the album club. As he always used to be in the glory days of the WAC.

Quite good that. I particularly like the fact that there is a cape :heart_eyes:

Flattery, He’s lying, again and again, he fucking hates it. Though I suspect he can do a good riverdance