AAAC 8th October Billie Eilish - When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

My girls bought me this (ovoc) on Fathers Day. Must admit, I was skeptical at first because it’s pretty poppy but it has really grown on me.

I know you lot will dismiss it, but fuck yas :grin:

Also…recording quality is second to none :ok_hand:



I keep thinking I ought to give it a try.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother

My daughter and her mate love her… persevered with ticketmaster and bagged them tickets in july.

It’s not a bad album. A bit whiney I suppose but I don’t feel obliged to turn it off

I have listened to this twice. I hated pretty much every part of it but i’m not in it’s target audience. 0/5.

I’ve heard it a few times. I like it: quirky, inventive, beautifully produced.

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It is better than the last two weeks because at least it got nominated (even if a bit late). TIDAL Link thing:

My girls love this apparently…

Also see her excellent Glastonbury performance.


Exactly this.

Played it once and that was definitely once too often :face_vomiting:

meh / 10

Meh. It’s not terrible but I wouldn’t own it. The sort of music that winds up on Apple commercials

Other way round for me I’m afraid. Someone on the telly recommended it and I listened to it on youtube. I liked it the first time. I still quite liked it the second time. But then it started to wear thin. I guess, like Ian, it’s not aimed at me. That said I’ve just been in the workshop with this on in the background

and I might go and play through that again.


I like it, it’s one of the few albums that the girls and I can all sit and listen to and enjoy. Poppy, well yeah, but definitely on the darker side of that description.


Poppy is never a dirty word for me. I can’t understand why people wield it as though it automatically invalidates a piece of music. I love it as much as anything else. More even, in some cases. Good hooks and production never get old for me. And like anything, the challenge to make something accessible to a mass-market but original at the same time, I find fascinating. So much of the music we reminisce over today, is the pop of yesteryear… we’ve just recategorised it, because we’re older, and don’t “do” pop, obv.


I thought her performance at Glastonbury was excellent. Will give this a go.


Gave this several tries. I can’t say I enjoyed it much but it was an interestingly claustrophobic listen via headphones. Might be my age, but it just did absolutely nothing for me.

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Cracking album. She is a good songwriter and has something to say that comes across like she means it.


Quite surprised to find I don’t actually hate this so far. I doubt it would make it onto the purchase pile, but I’m quite happy listening to it.

There are some more interesting beats than I was expecting for something so out and out pop.

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I quite like this. I have no issue with it being “poppy”, as for me the genre pop includes everything that is not classical. I have Led Zep filed under pop.

And I make two observations: firstly her full name is “Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell”, and secondly she was born in 2001. Scary huh?


December 2001 at that. So she’s still just 17. Young people are dissed a bit too often as shiftless/entitled/infantile. But at least some of them are talented and busy.



Apparently she writes the music and lyrics jointly with her brother - pretty fucking talented, I’d say :smiley:

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