Abattoir Alehouse

How about a virtual booze up? Install Zoom, retire to your music room with a drink and join in with a chat with your mates on here.

Tonight at 8? I’ll post a joining link shortly in advance.

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i wonder if the Turan is still delivering

vest & pants obligatory



I wonder if it will still exist at the end of this. :worried:


Maybe we should start some crowdfunding… :thinking:


Join Zoom Meeting

Hosting on my PC, my gin table is a bit far

for some reason no sound on my phone

Yeah we preferred it that way

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I was hoping on a work video call today that no one would notice that I was wearing the same t-shirt as yesterday (or that I was in bed)

It did say you were joining audio at one point… then you disappeared

phone didnt work, Louise has told me to stop pissing around

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@Wayward turn sound on

I’d join in, but the kids have booted me out of my room so I’m in the back room with Claire, She will tell me to turn it off.


Next time…