Actual photography

Yeah, it was pretty good last night - no moon and weather was cooperating :slight_smile:

Some lovely meteorite action :ok_hand:

It’s surprising how many there are really. Those were 15-40s exposures. I’d expect the odd lucky one, but there seem to be loads!


Really good Pete keep meaning to give it a try myself, the Astro photographer of the year has just been announced Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023 WINNERS

One of my big insurance clients sponsoring so I’ll see if I can get some freebies :wink:

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:+1: it’s definitely something that requires skill a dedication and patience, so not for me, really :rofl:

I’ll never be able to put the hard hours in to do something worthy, but it’s nice to dabble. Even then, you’re relying on weather, location (no light pollution), conditions (no moon), seasons (Milky Way season is almost over) and technique and tools can make a big difference.

That said I am interested in learning and will continue to dabble.


Nice work, Pete - did you do much editing on them?

Other than this spring’s Northern Lights efforts, I have no experience with astro, but I always get rather put off by the amount of editing that seems (so they say) essential to getting a banging final result

Am planning to break out my wide angle this weekend, if the weather holds…though with a half moon this weekend, it’s not ideal

Not a huge amount, just some tweaking in LR for noise/contrast, etc. A couple of them are panos stitched together in Lightroom which turned out to be quite straightforward.

Would like to try stacking at some point in the future to see if it can help reduce noise.

There’s definitely some rabbit holes that you can dive down an d make it super complicated.


As you probably know there are programmes that help you stack many images, but it seems to get complicated very quickly when doing it properly. All too effort for me!

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Yeah, not tried any yet!

I looked in to it and download a couple of programmes. You have to take a series of blank images as well the sky / star ones I think there were three different sets of images required to get the best results and each type would be loaded in a different way so the magic could occur. Then there’s the alignment programme as well!


Yeah. Fuck that

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Just use a camera phone - it’ll just make shit up:

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I am old, and find this both sad and grim.

Former Texaco refinery property on Lake Ontario. Redevelopment for mixed use residential and college buildings is just being finished up. The idea was first floated in the 1980’s, but the site was so contaminated there wasn’t approval until the late 2010’s . . .

Industrial sight squirrel . . .


There are 4 remarkably superfluous words in that post

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Awesome Pete.

On the fake photos. My step brother recently posted an amazing moon shot he took on his top of the range Samsung phone. I was blown away by it. I will try and find it.

Some may remember Mark Littlejohn from Wam days. He’s retired to Wester Ross to enjoy life and take photos now (though he still listens to music a lot).
This could be a fun talk. Only £3.75 and viewable live or up to 14 days later.


Thanks Dave , always liked his photos, I have a lovely print of his from a station window that is framed and hanging . Not his usual affair

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