Actually interesting speakers

Well, maybe.

Here’s a concept for my next horn project.

Corner bass horns with lower mid WE-inspired snail horn.




What’s the size ?

Just big or remove parts of your house to get them in big :smiley:

Small enough to get upstairs!

(the bass horns are 2m tall, though)

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The Hermes Delivery Man. They chuck the sound over the wall. :grinning:


What WE are you going to wrap round it?
Could end up being a lot larger than the Anima

It won’t be an actual WE-design, more an inspired by, and somewhere between a 22A and 12A in size. Despite the superficial similarity, it’s also not an Anima as it will be a true corner horn designed for eighth-space loading and operating in different ranges. It originally started out as a J-horn for the bass, but the performance difference is negligible and saves a bunch of space and materials.


Awesome stuff.

Will they be the huge black vertical horns I’ve seen at Simon’s place?

Nice, will watch with interest.

They will be very similar. I don’t think those particular ones exist any more.

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I am disappoint. Lacking tears potential. Could you line them with gypsum or similar to make them hernia heavy? I can see you have made some effort at peril based on the need to ‘hoopla’ the Mid over a 2m Bass tower…It’s a start.

Lol, I’ve had enough tears with house dismantling. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

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Getting that midhorn large enough to play down to meet the bass horn will surely be the challenge?

My friend’s home made ‘Tune’ copies are using a 160 Hz papiermache horn which just about gets there.

What Fc were you thinking of for the mid?


There is something familiar and comforting in the ‘J’ crew.

Celestion axi2050 may blend in well?

Hah! Very interested and essentially the same basic configuration that I’ve been thinking about, but with different ranges covered.

The Fc for the mid horn is going to be about 85Hz with an intended crossover of around 125Hz. Both the bass and mid horns are somewhat larger than your friend’s ones, the mouth of the WE style will be 75x75cm and the bass horns similar and ~2m long. I guess those must be crossing at 300Hz or so?

I guess one other option is to do something like a Lowther in a font horn, which would allow easier time alignment. Maybe that’s plan B.

What drivers is he using and what are the crossover points? Is there any perceptible discontinuity between the mid horns and the bass horns? Does he use a sub?

I read that as Zoopla,
Renting them out as accommodation may be a genius idea!

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His crossover points are at 250, 1200 & 7K.

Drivers are some Fane Crescendo 15B, Audax PRO170, some 1" Fostex D232 and JBL2405

Bass horn was simmed in Hornresp, papiermache horns from the Inlow Sound method, Stereolab 400Hz for upper mid. No sub & not really needed.

They sounded pretty good when I visited before xmas, despite using a Behringer & with passive 1st order to tweeter. Has done time alignment too.


I’m shooting for 125Hz, 1500Hz and probably 8-10kHz as crossover points. The upper mid will likely be the EMIA 600s or maybe Vitavox S2 on elliptical LeCleac’h. For the WE horn I’ll likely try the Lamars.

There’s also the possibility of initially doing a 3-way As the RAAL Lazy is good down to 3kHz, it probably I’d be better off with some kind of 1” driver. Wish I still had my TAD TD-2002.

Chris has offered to lend me his Cogents bass drivers, but it’s tricky to see how they could fit into this system as they would really only be usable from 60 to 200.

I’ve still got some BTH stuff you can have on a long loan if you fancy? x2 18" bass drivers (Need work) x2 HF heavy as fuck drivers.