Adventures in Chili (fungus free zone)


I was ‘gifted’ an ‘Armageddon’ chilli plant which has produced several fruits.

I made the mistake of not wearing gloves to chop one. My fingers burned for 24 hours despite washing repeatedly, but before that really kicked-in I scratched my balls. A small blister developed which popped just now. Luckily I didn’t try to actually eat any of it.

So if anyone wants some chillies… . . . Yeh.


Yes please, the lopwell ‘pizza plus’ needs your wares.


I will dry them. I may actually come to Lopwell for point-and-laugh reasons :ok_hand:

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You are talking about the chilli here and not the scratching?

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1.2 Mil on the Scoville Scale is up there with the Narga’s, might make a nice blend?

“Nice” wouldn’t be the word I’d employ… But yeah, knock yerself out!

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Meet the new boss.


Just. Why ?

Humanz. Curious and foolhardy.


I tend to use cocoa as a substitute for the richer dried Mexican chillis like ancho, pasilla etc… if I either don’t have any or lack sufficient time and/or fucks to bother toasting, reconstituting etc…

Pretty sure coffee is mentioned in tasting notes for those sort of chillis. Never tried it myself though.

Tobacco too, but I’m less inclined to try chucking a cigarette in the pot while simmering :stuck_out_tongue:

I had some chillis (I can’t remember what variety they were, unfortunately) that smelt exactly like tobacco. Literally, sniffing the bag was like sniffing a pack of ciggarettes.

I have some pasilla chillies that have a smell of tobacco (amongst other things)

They weren’t pasilla, I think they have some tobacco notes, but this was literally cigarette pack. Wish I could remember.

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black urfa?

Nope. Think they were from New Mexico.

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are you sure you didn’t get pissed and throw in one of Ed’s Partagas?

Could it have been some of the ones I gave you?

No, I got them from Chilli Pepper Pete’s in Brighton.