Aerial Photography - Droning on & on

Yesterday I managed my first QuickShot pre-programmed manoeuvre whereby you can select an object & fly around it in a circle. It’s possible also to set the altitude & distance above the object precisely but I just went with what seemed ok. The Ice Cream van was a strategic target in the war against obesity.

This lunchtime I took another short flight from home, across the valley to take a closer look at where a new housing development is disfiguring a hill opposite. I was protesting against this development about 11 years ago, sadly to no avail*. I think Maureen’s suggestion of dropping shit on the contractors may be the only answer.

Useful to learn that at the end of this flight, being in the shadow of the hill I was getting quite poor RC connection so engaged auto Return to Home & it quickly came back.

*Such a nimby.


Hours of fun,especially round here.

I’d like one for that house in Westward Ho!

Do they lose signal if in buildings?


He could’ve done with doing it as a circular Quickshot around that house ie like the Ice Cream Van film.

It’s hard not to be too jerky (certainly as a novice) doing that kind of manoeuvre. The Cine mode slows the movements down & softens the effect & I engaged that over the building site but took it off on the flight back as it’d be too slow.

Certainly buildings being in the way will compromise the RC connection. Were you thinking of sitting indoors whilst terrorising the neighbourhood? :grinning:

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No,would love to do derilict buildings and such.

There was a shut down holiday centre in jersey when I worked there that would have been great

I don’t know. If you were inside the building with it it might be better but getting a few walls between you & the drone might prove to be a problem.

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Can you rig a speaker onto it?
Shouting Cunt down Geoffrey Cox’s chimney would be nice.


Range may be an issue there. Grand Cayman may be just beyond the RC reach.


Do need more smoothness in the filming & some bland, free to use, musical accompaniment.