Aidas Audio Mammoth Gold mc cartridge


Anyone heard this cart? £7000. Off to hear it next week at Z:Axis Audio.

What the actual fuck?

Ask to see their CITES exemption licence - because that is made from ivory.

And please don’t be a cunt and actually buy it, because crap like this is why 55 elephants a day are being shot dead.



Jesus, seriously? WTAF indeed! :flushed:

Says in Stereo Times, it’s from actual mammoth tusks!

PS - the ban extends to ivory from all sources, including mammoth, hippo etc, as it’s impossible to be certain of provenance, and trade in ivory of any kind drives demand for all kinds.

Also: if it is subfossil mammoth - that is a very unstable substance and will slowly dry out and delaminate, i.e. crumble away. To make it light in colour it will have had to be bleached somehow, making the problem worse…

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The body made of 23,000 years old Siberian Woolly Mammoth tusk. The ivory properties are closest to a human bones and has similar resonance characteristics, not only to skeletal bones, but Auditory Ossicle bones that located in the middle ear. So we have complete harmony presented. The cartridge packed in the stone box made of Siberian semi-precious stones. Each box has different stones and enclosures. Also the package contains the sealed 0.5L bottle of Siberian Mammoth vodka. The mounting ware, the wrenches and the manual all included. All this inside the attractive black plastic case.

Got to be a winner then. Hell, if this thing takes off Mammoths will be extinct in a matter of years.


I’m just trying to imagine someone sat in an R&D office somewhere, going “shit, I’ve got it… we need to make the next cartridge out of mammoth tusk”. How the fuck do you even end up in that area of thinking?

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Because Auditory Ossicle bones reasons



Because you’re fucking clueless as to how to do anything meaningful with the actual cartridge itself but still has the greed.

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What they neglect to mention is that aside from marine animals, otoliths are smaller than grains of sand…

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Just looks like summat a bloke made in his garage.

Seems a bit mad, but so do lots of things these days.

Amazing what you can do with a DL-103* if you ingest enough substances…

*or whatever cheap crap has been crowbarred into a lump of dead elephant

I think that’s a “no” Dave :smile:


Wasn’t that Hart Audio?

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Dave is now obliged to donate seven grand to an elephant anti-poaching charity :kissing_heart:


I really hope you change your mind about that…

I am not buying the thing and I did not know about the endangered species (Mammoths). I am going to enjoy some tunes and get a power supply upgraded.

Why don’t they just use human bone? I’m sure one of the people behind this would willingly donate a limb & have cartridge body material for years of production. Proper commitment, not this fannying around.


They’re slightly beyond ‘endangered’ :grinning: