Air shows

anyone going to any air shows this year ? i hope to be at torbay air show tommorrow and looks a good line up even if its only small and its free

Years (decades, really) since I’ve been to an airshow

Decent overview here

RIAT seems the standout choice ,

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I went to Yeovilton a couple of years back. Superb display, the finale to which was like Apocalypse Now!

Torbay should be proud .fab show yesterday with Dakota. Lancaster and first outing of red arrows .due again at 3pm and the highlight was the mighty typhoon at about 16.45. Watch out for it if you live nearby

Ellie and Lauren are meant to be doing Air Cadet stuff at RAF Cosford this weekend.

Wish I was going, looks really good.

brilliant . great show and we used to go regular . we have a few members of family in Raf and one is a lady who trained there and she flies some serious stuff now

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We will be :+1:

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F-35’s arrive.

Cheap at twice the price.

At £190M each it does seem quite expensive. Is a version of these going on the aircraft carriers?

EDIT : Yes it seems like it will be.

It’s certainly an impressive bit of tech, but that depends on which price you mean, Bob.

Sticker price, expected Total Cost of Ownership or actual TCO. AFAIK ther actual price of the plane and its lifecycle costs are wholly dependent upon the overall JSF program, which is beset by problems: it’s still not been green-lighted for full production again due to the countle$$$ issues

I’m not sure if this issue will apply to the UK too ?

wow , thanks for posting

Careful, once you started reading into the F35 you’ll have sleepless nights.

Mrs Craig previously worked for a defence contractor which gave me wee bit of insight … but its a bloody pandora’s box of WTF

at fairford a few years ago the stealth bomber came in and we have the autograph of pilot and picture

Unfortunately, yes. it is that lift fan version, aka, the shit one. The RAF stitched up the Navy a treat with that one. I suspect that as Rolls made the lift fan, someone was going to have to operate a batch of them in the UK. The RAF volunteered to operate them off the carriers, while operating the conventional variants from airfields.

The carrier can be switched to cats n traps at its mid life update, so a new plane can be used following that.

Any of those prices :slight_smile:

Saw this, and this thread seemed as good a place as any

Meh, we’ve already got frickin sharks with frickin lasers, who needs a boring old plane?


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Yes I was at Riat 17 last year the Northrop B-2 Spirit (stealth) dropping in for a couple of low slow passes amazing looking thing.

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