Never used it but I need a replacement guitar preamp that I can only find on there from China. Anyone used the place much and how reliable is it?

Bloke I work with has used it quite a few times with no problem.
Should add it’s been on low price items

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I bought a 3D printer from there, and a few cheap bits and bobs and it’s been fine. A mate regularly buys watches there and hasn’t had any problems.

Delivery times can be quite long though.

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Thanks I’m not too fussed on delivery times and its not overly expensive.

I’ve used it a couple of times without issue. Only thing, already mentioned above, is the long delivery times.

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Bought loads of stuff and always been great - no issues at all.

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Same as dude above

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I have bought a few bits from there, never had an issue. Delivery times can be a bit long.

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All good takes forever. :grin:

Twice tried to use it - twice got completely ripped-off: both times AE themselves were the exact opposite of helpful. Never again. Just not worth it.

I got one of them inflatable sex dolls off of there. Went down on me as soon as I tried it.

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I’ve bought loads of random shit there and it’s been fine. Delivery times usually much quicker than stated.

:thinking: Isn’t that what you paid for?

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I’ve bought cheap rip off Merkur Futur razors and a couple of pairs of cheap IEMS through it and always been ok but these have been seriously cheap stuff < £15. Not sure I would purchase anything costing much more than that, don’t know why as I’ve never had anything but good experiences, just the way I am.

I’ve bought loads of junk off there from a few watches I use when badly bodging diy to a tactical spork just to say I have one.

Only had one thing no arrive and AE refunded with no issue. DH Gate is another similar site but the quality there seems low but again refunds were had when reasonable and I was in my ‘why not fake watches’ phase (the answer is because they are shit)

Well that went well. Delivered within 2 weeks and I even got some sort of promotion for signing up which meant I got 3 sets of Elixir guitars strings (usually £10 a set).for a total of £2. Result :grinning: