All the Football (Part 1)

So Dave, how much have Chels spent since the end of last season?

£230m but have made £210m on transfers out.

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No pressure on Roland Rat then :rofl:

Who he?

Fat Frank.

(Where do you get 210 out from?)

Francis of Assists.

Frank-Lampard-Antonio-Rudiger-Chelsea-F365 (2) roland rat

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Hazard £148M and Morata £57M mainly.

Forgot all about them!

Fuck off Jim.

If you want to cryarse about a thread title, change the thread title.

You’ve now created two threads, neither of them linked to the previous one. And in case you hadn’t noticed, we have posters in the football thread who don’t support or post about the PL.

Designed by Peter wyngarde apparently

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Be surprised if there are any by march the 1st

You closed my perfectly reasonable football 2 thread in favour of your ridiculously named version.

… And then you have the brass necked gall to call me a cryarse… :roll_eyes:

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Which had no link back to the previous thread and was called Football #2 despite not being Football #2.

Anyway, well done you’ve fucked it again.

Happy to start with a win, albeit not a very impressive one.

Happier with this after Wilder spent 9 minutes whinging in the post match interview :rofl:


How about a nice Argyle pattern.

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It’s been reported that it could be 6 months before the suspension is lifted. That’s this season gone as far as any integrity is concerned. More worryingly a LOT of lower league clubs will go.

Can’t see it happening til next march un less they can work out a way for these stadiums to be a third or a quarter full

Always sad to see teams go out of buisness

Again I think they will struggle to get the season finished on time again, and put the euros in doubt

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