All the Football (Part 2)

Can Macedonia cheat their way to the finals, probably if this referee refs all the games.

Not unless they have a time machine

Detail has never been my forte.

Dion Dublin needs to get in the sea, pollution notwithstanding.



That was tedious.

Looking forward to the Man City v Liverpool game today. Just hoping my anticipation of a good game doesn’t bite me on the bum at full time with the wrong result.

Weirdly, I’m treating this one as a free hit. Very Zen about it. Got way more rattled before the Luton game.

Probably just a coping mechanism :smiley:

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I don’t think either team is going to roll over, both teams have a healthy respect for each other, but I agree the likely hood of being tonked is high.



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1-1 I’ll take that

Will take that all day long. City just a little bit better than us overall. Doku is fucking frightening.

Thought Trent was magnificent overall.


Great result for us.:+1:

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We’ve navigated some really tricky away games now.

I will never let that Spurs game go.

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At least we stopped shitty breaking the best run of home wins record :+1:

Yeah, my craw is still stuck :confused:

Doku is St Maximin but knowing how to play the professional game rather than just doing show pony.

Great result for Villa today, cos they were shite in the first half but came back.

Spurs ravaged by injuries and not one bit of me is arsed :grinning: