Android to Iphone?

I have a Samsung S21.
My contract ends soon.
I use a Macbook Pro.

Should i jump from Android to Iphone cos it does things with the Macbook or will i regret it?


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I should jump to Iphone or I’ll regret it?



Seriously, we both have iPhones and Jan has an iPad, never had a problem.

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I went from a Samsung S20 to an iPhone 14 a few months back, because it was a great deal with a bundled iPad, and my old iPad was dying.

I don’t like it, I find the camera notch intrusive, the app that is meant to tx all your android info over to iOS doesn’t, it took me ages and ages to get it set up anywhere near as intuitively as my s20 was, but it’s still not there.

Get one with as much storage as possible because the nagging to upgrade your iCloud storage is incessant, rather than being able to stick a £30 512gb micro sd card in and forget about it.

It doesn’t work with my cars ice system as well as the S20, despite me using the most recent firmware, doesn’t display texts, the inductive charging pad doesn’t like it (keeps flashing orange, but actually does charge it, slowly).

The camera isn’t as good, I can’t transfer my music over from my S20 (storage and iOS hating android issues) and I find it, generally, a pain. This might be because I’m getting old and can’t learn new stuff quickly anymore.

However it does sync beautifully with my iPads & both FoLs iphones. If you’re set up for iOS, then you’ll probably love it.

I had an iphone 3G, then went android for 12 years or so till I got the iphone 13 pro. Android as an os was good but the phones are shit. I bought the top end google ones, not the cheap shite. Battery life still dropped off a cliff after a couple or years. Android phones struggle with deprecation. You’ll get a good four/five hundred for a two year old iphone, You’ll get half of that for a used andriod. I’ve had zero fucking about over the past two years on the 13 pro. Not my experience with the old android ones.

3G was also my first smart phone, it was a bit shit. Had Android since, tend to agree with you on the phones.
The S21 hasnt impressed, camera is mostly meh and the gps is shit.
I use maps a lot and its infuriating on the S21.

Samsung S20 & S21 ar fairly high end, admittedly they have the pro & max levels too. Also admittedly they don’t have the resale value of iPhones .

Which reminds me, I must sell my S20…

Yet also pants.

Well there you go, I prefer google maps and the s20 camera, it’s all subjective shit isn’t it? Apart from the storage thing, unless you already have a decent iCloud plan, get the biggest internal memory option possible.

When I first went to Android I thought google were the good guys and Apple were the corporate cunts. Over the years I realised google were whoring my data to every cunt and making money off the back of selling my info. IOS has far stronger privacy controls now. I’ll be getting a 15 shortly and I’ll punt the 13 pro. My old nexus and pixels are sitting in drawers with fucked batteries.

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My previous S10 had much better gps so maybe its just the S21 thats shit.
Ive no issue with google maps but if the phones gps is shit…

Is there any free cloud storage with Apple?

Don’t kid yourself, they’re both at it.

Seems that i can still use google drive from an iphone. Thatll do me, ive never maxed the free 15gb.

I know that, I just think Apple gives you plenty options to block it. They keep your data so they can sell you shit, google sell it to anyone who wants it to try to sell you shit. With or without my permission.

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A bit, but it’s not very much data. I keep getting nagged to upgrade to a paid plan, despite deleting a shit load of photos and I’ve not been able to transfer my music, despite having over 100gb of free space on my iPhone and similar on my iPad, but not enough free iCloud storage to backup either. Was never a problem with android, despite having nearly 800gb of stuff on my S20.

I really hate the non expandable memory thing, I know why Apple say they do it, security blah blah, but they charge way more for decent internal storage than a good quality micro sd card costs.

Oh, it took ages for my contacts list to stabilise too, the android to iOS transfer app seemed to mis-format all my phone numbers, added spaces as integers, so I had to go through all my contact list and reformat all the people I actually wanted and needed to call.

Not an Apple fan, if you couldn’t tell, although my iPad is great, I just don’t like the phone.

I dont store music on my phone, use Spotify for music on the move.
Most of my storage use is photos and goat porn.

Spotify works well, tbf, but I’ve got a load of FLAC downloads stored on my s20. I can probably transfer them to my pc, but I can’t actually remember the last time I turned that fucking thing on.

Ive managed 2 years with 128gb, still have 7gb free. Storage no a huge issue for me on the phone.
The USB C on the iphone 15 should make back to portable hd an option.