Any shellac fans here

Anyone a collector of 78’s, I was in a local charity shop earlier and they had what must have been somebody’s prized collection of 78’s, there was probably 200 78’s all in really nice condition with original record label covers. I flicked through about 50 and amongst lots of jazz where Some Bing Crosby, Doris Day and others that slip my mind. The shop want 20p each but a deal can be done for the whole collection. If I had a Kurtzmann I would have bought them myself. If anyone wants them let me know and I’ll go grab them.

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Do you think you could get them to the Yorkshire Dales Bake Off, Paul?

Where was that?
I have a HMV 102 and always on the lookout for 78s from the 30s and 40s

They were in the red cross shop in Gravesend. Yes I should be able to get them to the Yorkshire pud extravaganza.

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Then I would love them please


This is my player

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I should have taken a pic but didn’t think to at the time. If either of you want me to go back and get more detailed info on what there is before commiting, just say and I’ll pop back tomorrow.

Very nice Paul. Do you want them all or would you be happy to split the collection with Penance if he wants to.

I’m happy to take whatever is there.

If Andy wants to split the collection, then I’ll do that too.

Ok, I will go and grab them for you tomorrow.

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Thank you.

@Penance - would you like to split them? I’m happy to take them all, but if you want half, I’m happy to do that mate.

You’re welcome Paul.

Tbh I doubt I’d be able to collect.

Anybody going to the bake off that lives near you?

Is nobody from down your way going to the Ecky Thump Bash?

EDIT… Beat me to it

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One worry with shellac is that it could all be fecked. I inherited a collection of classical box sets but the noise levels, due probably to the use of past their best steel needles, rendered them pretty much unplayable.

Quite possibly, but at 20p each, I’ll take a chance :wink:

I need a few coasters, anyway.

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I’ve seen plenty of fecked 78’s in my time but these looked genuinely nice, shiney and with no visible damage.

Hmmm. Shellac and resin flooring :smirk:


Went in this morning, apparently a guy was in yesterday after me and took half and was coming back today for the rest ( he couldn’t carry them all) I asked if he had cherry picked but the woman said no he just took half the box and had asked if the rest could be held for him to pick up today. She then said I remember you were in here looking yesterday before him so it is only fair to sell them to you. There’s about 100 bloody heavy they are. Paid a tenner. I’ll bring them up north for you @pmac.
Off out for dinner now :+1:


Thank you so much, Paul.

I owe you one :+1:

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