Any thoughts on Revel Speakers?

Quite interested in trying the Revel F208 to satisfy an itch mainly and to try a non active set up for a while.

Anyone with any thoughts or experiences of these, good or bad?

No, but should be okay. Read here.

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Didi you see the pair for sale on one of the hifi forums?

These are also nice.


Not the coffee ones. Or the orange ones.

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Which forum Mark? I’ll have a search if you can’t remember

I’ve found an ex dem pair at a decent price

Orange or coffee for me

Hasn’t @unclepuncle had a/several nice pair/pairs of Revels?

Yes,he is a big fan of them

Maybe wigwam.
Try hifishark that should find them.

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They wouldn’t stay like that for long in this house. They’d be covered in dog slobber and cat paw prints within nanoseconds.


Located I’ll see what the sitch is with those…

I bought a pair of the F208s just under a year ago. They are in an 8m x 4m open-ended room with a pitched ceiling. They are closer to the corners than I’d like but sound pretty good to me. They are front-ported. They really were a step-up sound-wise compared to the B&W CM9s they replaced, especially in the mid-range. I have them about 3m apart with the listening position roughly the same distance, equilateral stylee.

They are being driven by Onkyo P3000/M5000 pre/power amps.

Edit. Mine were new for £3k from eliteaudiouk


Piano gloss black = out.


WAF issues

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Did you buy them?

No they’d just been sold, didn’t matter because Wayne had put me off them :wink:
There are some others around but a bit pricey.
Quite keen on the smaller format F226BE but that busts the budget, typically.

My plan if you can call it that is to build a system around the NAD M33 which will put streamer etc in a single box and then add speakers - potentially a more elegant solution even than current actives, pre and streamer. Has airplay, Roon etc, plus turntable connectivity is easy.

Any thoughts on decent floorstanders around 4-5K mark welcome as I’m down a wormhole.

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Tone Scouts?