Any views on a Volvo V50 2.0d?


I am looking maybe on buying a 2006 Volvo V50 2.0d SE as a daily run about for me and the woof, I can’t be arsed with expensive cars.

Any views on whether these are dogs or not?

My understanding is that it’s a bulked up Focus with a Peugeot engine.


Drove a 2010 model for a few weeks. Decent, if uninspiring. It’s a box on wheels with some nice interior styling.
Performance was OK, just. If you don’t want a thoroughbred racer, it’s a good all rounder without doing anything exceptionally.
Less practical than the V70. But good enough.


Wouldn’t be rushing out to buy that vintage. Mondeo estate would be better and a lot roomier.


The ford Mondeo or focus estate are best in class if you add a decent spec.
But a bit meh on the image front.


This is my trouble with the Fords


Shocker. Bob worried about his image.


You could always reach for the stars and get an Astra van…


It is going to be full of wet dog (and Bob).

What image?


My brother had one and it kept diluting its oil doing failed dpf regenerations. Before we got to the bottom of that it killed itself in spectacular style. I was secretly glad to see the back of it.


Mondoes of that era drive very well, Ford know how to make a tight, pointy chassis. I stll mantain that the my 05 zetec mondeo was the best run of the mill company car i had, handled incredibly well, interior was meh though.
Every backstreet garage can repair them.
Get the estate st220 if you can find one.


Quite a lot of them (and earlier years of same model) running into starship miles over here in DK, FWIW

Don’t have a feel for servicing issues, but they’re capable of a decent innings, ‘despite’ the Ford / Pug ancestry

I like the look of them too


I can think of no better way to troll @ICHM than to say he should drive a Mondeo :rofl:


A fellow at work had a 2010, has constant dpf issues.


I believe these engines use Eolys fluid to aid combustion which needs refilling every 37000miles or something…


I have driven two of them now and I quite like them actually. Not looking to spend a lot of cash on something my dog will destroy, so as much as I want to drive a new car, it’s not happening.

I need a small estate that feels quality not cheap and nasty and has heated seats, bluetooth, cruse and is about 48+ MPG and one that I fit in.

These Volvo’s are stealth cars, you just don’t notice them and they are really comfortable for me to drive. The V70 is just not great on fuel, as I will be doing about 20,000+ miles a year.

Having driven lots of Mundano’s, they are nice cars, it’s just the interior is made from cheap crisp packets.


I agree the dash on the Mondeo is a bag of spanners. Shame really.

Great seats/dash on the Volvo. If you get lucky on the engine you’ll be OK.


The 1.8 petrol engine on the V50 is pretty agricultural but should be solid: do you need the oil burner ?


Yes I like the old oil burners for lugging stuff.


Have you considered a nice RX-8?


Fuck no.

I did try to think about an Audi TT or RS3, but the woof doesn’t fit.