Any views on a Volvo V50 2.0d?



Even with rear seats folded down? Huge dog! Pitty TT would be good


I was given a V50 as a company car once. Fucking dreadful thing. Might be a bit better if your left leg has gone missing. But generally crap.
V60 a bit better.


Might be worth checking the tax on that model. The old D5 engine, particularly with the auto, can be 500 or so a year to road tax on some Volvo models. I had a V70 with that engine though, and it was the best car I have owned. Commuted 20k a year in it, and got about 48 to the gallon on average.



Skoda Superb 2.0 Elegance Estate. 2010 83000 mls. £4400 Autotrader.


It may surprise you to learn that petrol will lug stuff, too. I have a big estate with a tiny engine and it still manages to carry lots of stuff and still get up hills.

Doesn’t sound like a bloody tractor while it’s doing it, either.


I don’t mean to be rude, but you have a predeliction for buying old Range Rovers, therefore your opinion on automotive matters is invalid.


Average 4500 miles a year on a 2.4 Diesel? It’d need an 18yr old lad to de-coke it…


Harsh, but fair.


I would rather have a Mundano. :rage:


Vauxhall Vectra VXR Estate - space and pace…



NO, no, no, no.


And ditches Rob. Staying in a straight line wasn’t their strong point !


Ah…the drivers of today, always blaming there equipment, folks expect cars to drive themselves…









What about a nice, unmolested Quattro Cüntwagen?


Maybe, have got depressed about it and was looking at different cars today.


You’d probably be better off advertising that on Ebay Rob, more likely to find someone to take it off your hands there…