Any views on a Volvo V50 2.0d?


If it yours Rob?


Treat yourself


I like how the “allroad” ability of the car has been obliterated by slamming it, but it still retains a modicum of practicality by the addition of a tow bar.


You’ll be gutted to see it go … What will you be replacing it with?


That’s rather nice, but imo would be better if it was original, not pretending to be something it’s not. Those wheels need to go for starters !


The Astra van I posted upthread.

I need to remortgage, but you only live once and life is too short to be bothering with shit cars.


I didn’t know you claimed last week’s euromillions, great stuff !


Even nicer, left hooker but I quite like that


It didn’t quite cover it, so I had to take out a few extra grand against the house. I’m sure Claire will see how I’ve made a solid investment in time.


Have you seen the other car he’s selling?


I drove one of those for a while years ago. Nice but not as exciting as it should have been.


Sorry Bob, missed this post. No mate. It belongs to a guy who runs a reasonably decent security alarm company, he’s into his cars and always tends to have something interesting. It’s about 5 mins from my house if you want me to ask about it?


Well this sorry tail ended with a red 2014 Volvo V60 D4 estate with a few toys, very happy with it tbh.




It is still a shit car. Less shit than a V50 though.

Did you know the V stands for Versatile?


Volvo FTW :slightly_smiling_face:



That’ll be OK.


I did briefly think about a V70 in brown, but really I should keep aspiring to one of those. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oddly, I could work the seat controls so there is loads of space to put my legs and stuff. :joy:


Very tarty :+1: