Wouldn’t happen here - we have DDA. Here the glazing would need visible manifestation applied at eye height (two levels - normal eye height and lower for those in a wheelchair)


I am sure Apple will release a suitable patch to correct the feature in due course


a black patch?


PLACE / Ladywell by Rogers etc. etc.

I went to have a little look yesterday.

Looks nice on paper, but they neglect to mention that it’s on a hideous junction between two even more hideous roads.

My personal local favourite was the pet shop on the opposite side of the road advertising “Rabbits, Gerbils, Kittens” (ok), “Ferrets” (mmm), “Chipmunks” (WTF?).


Just found this while rootling through some photos.

This is the Antwerp port house, by (at least the top bit is by) the late Zaha Hadid.

Yes, it really does look that odd IRL.


Looks more worserer in real life :weary:


She didn’t do subtle very often, love a lot of her work but that is one of a rare few that should have stayed in the concept book. Saw the drawings years ago in one of her books, but was shocked to see it built so close to the original intent.




To lighten the mood, get yourself a little bit of Mies *.

* yes, I know there’s a random person wandering around in the foreground. You try waiting until there’s absolutely nobody there.


Newsagents or a converted petrol station look.


This might be more up your street Bob - I’m sure you like a bit of PoMo.


John Outram’s “Temple of Storms” (it’s actually a pumping station on the Isle of Dogs).

In case you’re worried out its future, rest assured that it was recently listed grade II*.


That is fucking horrible, I prefer the below;



Kaleidoscope Dolls’ House.


The Glasgow School of Art, again. this time it looks like none of the Mackintosh interior has survived.



Have they suggested a cause yet?


Tragic having spent £35m to repair the last fire only to be ruined again just after it had been completed.
I really hope it isn’t found to be deliberate.


Looks like it’s going to take a long time to find out the cause due to the extent of the damage. The only thing left standing is the facade of the buidling and there is a huge amount of damage to the surrounding buildings as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the end of the road for it now - very sad.