It looks like a twisted rag. So clever and imaginative. I’ve never had anywhere near the imagination and confidence to try anything that creative.


I don’t know why but I hadn’t really associated Da Vinci with architecture before :upside_down_face:


Nor me tbh. We hear so much about his paintings and inventions, yet never seem to hear about this side of him.


Da Vinci was a designer/artist. He mostly did commissions to earn a living. Architecture is a study in design and structure. Not a massive leap.




The Lajas Sanctuary in Ipiales, Colombia.


Colours, we need more colours in towns and cities

Amsterdam seems to have nailed it


In more ways than one


Looking forward to visiting the new V&A Dundee - looks quite a building


ZOMG - sell the granny, dog, wife - anything to get the money.

This is one of the coolest residential spaces I’ve ever been in, and now it’s for sale.

The building’s history is very interesting and it was all terribly modernist and forward-thinking socialist when built. The upshot of this is that you were supposed to share communal spaces (“the Isobar”) with your modern socialist chums, meaning that your own kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. The bedroom and bathroom are tiny too, even in the penthouse. However the living room and roof terrace are to-die-for, darling.


stuff of dreams


If only I had the cash. I could walk most belongings over as its 4 mins from mine. However ill have to stick with the Housing Association 1 bed flat.


Back in the mid-nineties, we got a warrant to enter one of the flats there to detain a resident who had escaped from a nearby hospital.
Having forced entry, we soon realised that she must have left not long before us out the back and was gone.
The interior was quite interesting though.
The bath tub was full of empty cat food tins. She didn’t have any pet cats.
There were porn mags all over the place.
It was the filthiest place I’ve ever been in. Felt really grubby afterwards.
There was a mattress on the bedroom floor that had the must unspeakable stains I have seen in my life. It looked like a massacre.
The oddest detail was the almost runic writing all around the door frames-completely mad rambling.
If you could’ve taken the whole flat out, it would’ve made an interesting exhibit in a modern gallery.
We caught up with her eventually, but I never went back inside the Isokon Building.
Liked it round there though, nice memories.


Nah, looks cold and a nightmare to get warm and cozy. The rooms look bloody small and it’s a flat so no loud music. But most of all, it’s in London, so nah. :expressionless:


Excellent - Why was the bath tub filled with cat food ?


Err-the clue was no pets. It was what she was eating.


It was derelict for many many years partially due to many of the flats being so small and having shared facilities. Although I can’t remember all the details I think English Heritage compromised and allow some flats to be knocked together.


That’s what I heard too Paul.
The one in mind was really poky.


Nah farge, I liked the first one


She ate in the bathroom? I trust you tossed away the key!