Smiling here, how the funk has my AKA become ‘ogg vorbis’?! Deserved I suppose, need to build a reputation for chatting shit about more than hifi. Architecture anyone?! Didn’t think so.

Let me have a think.

Me like, but me completely ignorant.

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Roman architecture fascinates me, both the style and engineering are impressive.


Just be like many of the architects I’ve worked with, act like you know about it all with a smokescreen of bullshit and bluff your way through.

Obviously I’m not like that.

Are you an architect?

yep, have my papers:)

services in return for DIY hifi build!


Can be, i try to keep to the interesting side, design, but can also be filled with building shit like supermarkets


Swap a garage design for gold fuse

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Never been much of a historian, head stuck in the 20th Century really, but with age I have come to appreciate the beauty in classical proportions…you will notice many of our cities are now becoming peppered with buildings designed in a ‘contemporary classic’ language, squint and you will see it. Cleaner lines, but the scale and proportions are lifted directly from classicism.

Wake up at the back.


I’m more mid century.

I would like a conversation pit

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Yep, we were made (a little begrudgingly) to redraw the plans of Saarinen, Eames, Corbusier et all at the beginning of the degree coarse, by scarf and fedora wearing tutors. Becomes ingrained, those are the buildings that have the most profound effect on visiting, just awe-inspiring.

I think the use of concrete by the Romans really elevated their work above any contemporaries.

Just wish we (UK) had managed to use it more successfully in the last century, it’s now got a bad rep. I’ve had to battle with clients to go with exposed concrete, only to see them marvel how it looks like high quality stone when done right (not many UK contractors can do it right either).

Obviously those bloody Germans know what they are doing.
Oh, and the rest of Europe.

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Isn’t it’s carbon footprint a big factor now?

Oh and Karan summut blah blah blah

It’s not the greatest, but often gets offset by sustainable methods of construction elsewhere.

Concrete amp enclosures. Now your talkin. Great heatsinks.

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Someone did concrete Tannoy DC enclosures a while back didn’t they?

Please all make your way to the AA Art & Architecture dept.:rofl:


I had some concrete Wharfedale speakers once, swapped a Sony RTR for them.
i don’t think I got the best part of the deal

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FWIW, neither do I