Lol. They bring up the same pictures :innocent:

Any news about Lou ?


No change mate, still awaiting an angiogram. Frustrating!


I bet it is mate.
More best wishes for you both.

How much more thread drift can we achieve?

I have to say, from amp advice to architectural criticism in one leap is pretty impressive.


If man evolved from monkeys, how come we still have monkeys?


To boldly go… to make sure it’s not too deadly for us…


Fixt :+1:


The City’s favourite place for suicide.

Seriously, there’s a wee balcony on the side; people regularly chuck themselves off the side.


Is that so the rich cunts can piss on the proles below?


How about a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Was back in Wells on Friday & again admiring this ‘bodge’ from 1338.


Doesn’t exactly blend into it’s surroundings does it?


In many ways it does, check out the interior, masses of uncut stone, timber detailing.
Visited FLW’s house and studio in Chicago during my studies, most of his work references nature in some respect


Fuck off :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


nicely countered, made me chuckle.



Because Blade Runner


I’m pretty certain that’s right. If it wasn’t, then why is it called “The Oik Pissing-On Balcony”, eh? Answer me that!


The Hartlepool Goalie :heart_eyes:




You never said Dave. If you had I’d have been a lot more careful when we were trolleying those Doge 9’s in and out. One wrong move and we could easily have chipped a lump out of the masonry.



There are chips everywhere Graeme. I changed things inside before the Grade I listing and it was bought because I wanted a base as I mainly lived abroad.