I took this one at the Getty museum because it reminded me of Blade Runner.

Some interesting buildings there.


I had a place at Uni to do Architecture, but transferred to something else at the end of the first term.


How did the word ‘architect’ get hijacked by IT departments?
We have Solution Architects, System Architects and my favorite job title ‘Enterprise Architect’

I suppose you have to massage the ego with more than huge pay rises these days!


Amazing how a bit of nice weather changes the perspective!


Even Palomo Faith is in on it now


I think the point is that your GP surgery (and a shed load of other building) look like his designs :slight_smile:


someone who gets it.


Do like a bit of Art Deco


Never studied Architecture but have picked up a interest over the years. First full time job I had was as a office junior for Sheperd Robson so spent some time visiting lots of sites including what is now my office and reading books in their library. Was never a big fan of their work though(Wood Green Shopping centre anyone !).

Do like a bit of Deco I have to admit and now I recongnise its value some of the Edgar Wood Architecture in my home town of Middleton.

Favourite building for its complete over the top interior is the Granada Tooting. The grandest bingo hall you could ever visit.


Covered in scaffolding at the mo.


Know their work well, some pretty good new stuff, recent building of theirs is opposite my practice’s London office, v.high quality materials


Portland stone?


Theatres and cinemas are the most obvious legacy of the Art Deco movement.

This is in Adelaide. The Capri Theatre…

It still contains one of the world’s most popular Wurlitzer organs amongst enthusiasts. It was featured nearly every week on Radio 2’s The Organist Entertains…


Pretty sure. Seems to have all the materials I specify then get value engineered out.


Time for a style I can’t bloody stand, they exist due largely to design lazy architects and easily persuaded planning officers. They infest the Lake District and Scotland (just about anywhere TBH), I give you the “architect designed” oak framed with glass style house. I assume other houses are designed by hamsters or some such.

Bloody 'orrid things!



That’s a beaut.


C’mon Bob, you’re just jealous they got to the oak before you did. You’ll have to make your next plinth a ‘tribute’ to this - it looks like there’s demand :grin:.



An oak and glass plinth…


Hope to go to a gig at the De La Warr sometime, I’d probably have a bit of a ‘moment’


Don’t forget to add in the word ‘bespoke’:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: