We’ve rented a few houses like that up there for holidays, and they work really well for a week or so. Open plan, nice and bright and often with lovely views.

Long term they’d drive me nuts, nowhere to hide away from the kids/wife, the whole house smells of cooking (despite the obligatory industrial grade extractor hood). I dare say all the glass would be disastrous for hifi.





A lovely venue - I always keep a look out for who is playing there


Hotel D’amour - Nice clean lines with light and airy spaces


Double height sash windows to die for


I work here part of the time.


I love this whole area


Barbican was something of a pilgrimage for me, being from t’midlands. Have told myself one day I will live there. Dream on in the words of Steve Tyler.


Great place to take photographs as well :+1:t3:


Still working on this, :smiley:




One cannot talk architecture without talking Ol’ Skool…

This is the world’s singlularly most beautiful building.


This thread needs some Antoni Gaudi.



Barcelona 055


If I was single I’d probably buy somewhere on Golden Lane estate.

A long term resident couple there open their house for Open City every year. Of all the places I’ve visited for Open City that one really stands out.



Pete’s phono stage is coming on strong


Never been around for the open city, must be great if it’s on your doorstep


In my job, I have to work with architects a lot…:thinking:

Let’s just say that some are easier to deal with than others :wink:


I like the Jubilee Line Tube Stations, especially Westminster. It is like being in a Bond villian’s HQ and could be inside an extinct volcano.


The film Brazil


Please don’t say you are a QS. Come on tell us


I work for a PM/QS practice, but I’m a PM. :smiley: