Always loved these windows by the Hammersmith flyover



speaker either side, what a listening room that would be…


Weren’t they originally built as artists studios?


And leaked like a fricken seive apparently :smile:

Pretty cool now though.

I got mugged by an aggressive Japanese tea ceremony when I was there. It doesn’t get much weirder than that.


Not,sure,i lived in Talgarth road in the mid 80s for a short while, and loved walking past them at night when they were lit up.

Could imagine that H G Wells time machine being made in one of the houses


Do you prefer Lincoln to Salisbury. The inside of Salisbury took my breath away.


I don’t know Salisbury first-hand. I have a soft spot for Lincoln though.

First, it is absolutely bloody enormous. It’s the UK’s third largest by floor area (beaten by St Paul’s and York) and in 1311 it became the tallest building in the world, topping the Great Pyramid at Giza. Believe it or not that enormous central tower used to have a huge spire on top of it ! And the whole thing sits on top of a huge hill. Overlooking a flat plain. Unfortunately the spire fell down in 1549 (up to which point Lincoln was still the tallest building in the world) and was never rebuilt.

Second, when I was young I was in a church choir (my not being very religious didn’t seem to matter) in Boston, my home town. Though I say so myself, we were pretty good. So when the lads at the choir school in Lincoln went off on their summer holidays we were among a very few choirs who moved over there for a week or two at a time to cover for them. Wow. That’s an experience. It’s a big space and the tower gives it a hell of an echo - reverb time measured with a calendar. The organ is a good sized Willis instrument with two muscular 32 footers on the pedals. Don’t ever pick a fight with it.

It’s not just me either. John Ruskin said

I have always held… that the cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have.



Went to a party there once in the 60’s nice inside and the traffic was not so bad then. But today it’s far to noisy.


Sadly I think it’s near to noisy.



We also have Parkleys Estate in Ham designed by Eric Lyons who also did the Worlds End Chelsea council development.


If we’re on the subject of cathedrals, I’ll nominate Durham


Cement factory (featured a while ago)


Indeed some excellent Art Deco Cinemas even though sadly the majority of interiors have been trashed over the years. Whats interesting about the Granada Tooting is the interim is all Gothic Revival.

Note not my site although it does look interesting.


Ely. Very nice.


Ham House.



I have been to the free 11.30 St Albans Cathedral tour several times, different guides say very different things.

One of the best things about the cathedral is how it has so many different styles of architecture in it, as bits fell down. I rather like the iconic Grimthorpe fascia, despite how incongruous it is.


I have noticed that as well. I’m often there a few times per year for our graduation ceremonies.