Armchair politics


Despite listening to Steven Wilson, I’m still a political optimist.


Nowt wrong with Steven Wilson / PT. Music to forget about politics to. :joy:


Cos …


So it isn’t just politics you have no interest in?

Music too :disappointed_relieved:


Oh, I forgot to ask, are you coming to Lopwell Kevin ?


I was intending to.
Should I reconsider?
Are you bringing any Steven Wilson? :grin:


If you do arrive, I can tell you to fuck off in person :smirk:


Can you tell him to Fuck Off from me as well, please ?


The shift to the extremes combined with the need to blame one minority or other for all our failings is overwhelming. Politics is truly fucked up right now and there is a vacuum of political leadership.

Shipyard smoking shelter anecdote. Started off as a discussion about the town center (small town, devastated shopping center) and a couple of guys were defending the town council in a discussion about investment,. The fact that the investment being discussed was private and in a nightclub was not something they wanted to hear. One retorted that the Council had no money to invest because of migrants.

Just gob smacking, this in a town that has a migrant problem right up there with that well known problem of a lack of painted ceilings in the Vatican!

The political climate is polluted by Brexit to such an extent that the root causes are masked, worse, ignored.


I’ll sort it out :+1:


:+1: Thank You


The selfless public spiritedness of this forum gladdens the heart sometimes.


May on the TV tomorrow announcing huge increase in spending on the NHS. History suggests there is only one reason for this from an incumbent Tory Government; there is an election coming. In the current Government’s case they’re worried that they’ll lose it on health once Brexit becomes a non-issue.


Selling it as the Brexit dividend. Hope there’s some left for the regions/agriculture/fishing/other suffering sectors come next March.


They will have done detailed analysis, and if you’re not in a marginal, you can go fuck yourself.



Take your pick:


Hmm, how much of the £20bn ‘extra’ funding is already spent? Does it include the recent pay rises announced, and the covering of debt caused by 8 years of flat funding amounting to 4% cuts once healthcare inflation is taken into account?


Sam Coates is suggesting, quite plausibly, that May is having to throw the arch Brexiteers a bone - something they can quote and retweet, etc - because we are about to accept some major concessions to the EU in the June Council before the next summit meeting.


This will make you laugh, especially @htm_1968