Armchair politics



V amusing. All the classics, real vs nominal, cash injection, historical but ignoring history, fudging the time period and source of funding. Sad to see they missed out an opportunity to digress on compounding, quarterly vs annual, continuous vs discrete etc.

Interesting to see that Sarah Wolaston, rebel and chair of the HoC health and social care committee, has absolutely flanneled the feck out of May’s claims. This suggests that the rebels are (i) having none of it and (ii) are loaded for bear this week


Slowly catching up on the day. Thanks kids.

Wow. So she actually said that dividend shite on Marr, and No. 10 has Dividend Bollocks up on its site too.

Yet the (wo)man on the street will just lap it up. What will it actually take for the penny to drop?

Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of Twat




Him or me?

(cries of both of you)


With the surname Johnson is has to be Boris


Who is your nomination for replacement. I have drawn up a short list

Jeremy Clarkson
Angus Deayton
Mary Berry
Gary Lineker
Julian Cleary
Sue Barker promoted from A Question of Sport.




Fiona Bruce
John Humphrys
Ian Hislop


Sage 'n onion or sausage?




Andrew Neil


Mark Steel


Jeremy Kyle.




does he qualify for a visa?


As a probable bankrupt, I shouldn’t think he would be eligible for any credit card.


My money’s on Gareth Southgate


Nigel Farage? It would free up a chair on the panel.


Clearly donated by senior male Tory MPs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hislop won’t get it because he’d scare off too many politicians and journalists. It would be amazing though.

I suspect Paxman is the most likely candidate if he chooses to do it. Not sure he will though.