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What I learned yesterday is an eye-opener: apparently the UK is a leading manufacturer and exporter of medical-grade cannabis to more enlightened nations.

It makes absolute sense that we should be fucking up the opportunity to rethink our antiquated approach to drugs and at the same time providing some much needed cash for the Treasury.


Institutions (governments, charities etc) have struggled for hundreds of years to find ways of getting benefits to people who need them and of ‘helping’ those who don’t to look after themselves. The issues include

i) Deciding what sort of help people need takes time and skill, which cost money. The government might argue that the money spent on this has to come out of the pot which could otherwise actually support the needy. But if you don’t spend enough, or you spend it wastefully, then mistakes will be made. When those mistakes hit the vulnerable the impact can be very, very serious.

ii) It’s particularly difficult when people have mental health issues. When someone is disorganised, uncooperative and uncommunicative it may be because they’re a feckless shirker or it may be because they’re struggling with mental incapacity. We’ve made remarkable progress in diagnosing physical illness, although some genuine conditions (e.g. whiplash, CFS/ME) can still be faked. Accurate diagnosis of all but the most severe mental illness though is way behind, as is treatment for that matter.

I suspect that this whole area might be the one where it’s most true that highlighting the problems is easy but finding the solutions is difficult.



Was one of the largest producers of greenhouse tomatoes.

18 hectares of greenhouse.


Their sugar factory will go tits up after Brexit, all that cane sugar from the Windies and the reduction of sugar tariffs to zero will right royally get shot of sugar beet. No bad thing mind.

ps, what happens to all the cannabis waste product, just asking like.


It’ll be hemp trousers for everyone soon



I wonder if bong water can be used in a vape?


No but C-oil can



Second Ministerial resignation in a week. Greg Hands has flounced over the additional runway at Heathrow. Notably, Boris hasn’t because, despite promising to lie in front of the bulldozers, he never promised to vote against it. I’m guess he’ll be overseas on urgent business.



Important meeting in Luxembourg that day apparently. Quelle surprise!

(What a loathsome duplicitous wanker he is)


Put that on the side of a bus and park it outside his house - for ever!


Hope not, I sell them shiny things.



Welcome to Gove Island



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Esther McVey - yet another Tory cunt who believes that ministerial responsibility is for other people.



Another minister gone. The texts are described as ‘depraved’ by the Sunday Mirror, who will publish them tomorrow.