Armchair politics


I was commenting personally, but if the country gets more wrecked than it is already then I’d be very surprised. BTW we are already a net exporter of the green stuff, it’s just that the govt. makes nothing out of it.


I know. I was teasing you. I know you’re not a spliffhead, but go easy on the Ket, eh?


is about as near to ket as I want


Does it really have khat in it ?



I call bullshit on this.



Legalise cannabis,but make knowing William hague a criminal offence




I’ll be interested to see how the cannabis oil story will play out with the electorate - the Times leader today is scathing of the slowness of Javid and May and of Nick Hird at the Home Office “He couldn’t have appeared more callous if he tried”. And it’s definitely not over, with further delay and procrastination written all over it.

This seems to be part of a pattern of heartlessness and may (should) come back to haunt this inept government when election time comes.


I really don’t know what it’ll take for enough of the public to realise what a shower of shit these people are.


“Baffled by bullshit” inertia creeps


and they only issued a 20 day licence for administering the C-oil what going to happen to the kid when that expires


Agree for some reason this is spiralling out of control, maybe a row between two depts?




I know bugger about C-Oil, but this stinks of Maybot being an utter conservative fuckwit and simply refusing to countenance distinguishing between medicinal use and recreational use, less she seem soft on the war on drugs.

Tenner says shes the only person in cabinet with this view.

Just like she’s the only person in Cabinet with such a strict view on immigration numbers

A row between Depts ad No. 10, more likely. Javid and Hunt (though much less so Baldrick Nick Hurd) seemed to go out of their way to be saying “it’s not bloody well ME who’s buggering this up”


Agree; she will be seen as lacking the Emotional Quotient factor, which can be crippling in an election.


Call me cynical, but they’re probably hoping the media will have moved onto another story by then.:roll_eyes:


the Queen is happy for it to be legalised, looks like it’s just that bunch of hypocrites in Parliament who need to sort their shit out.


While I’m still avoiding the clips of the kids in the Nazi camps on the US border, I have the proxy rage in spades, despair at the rise of the facist right in Italy & Hungary … and then I read this, about our very own Albion.

What the fucking fuck is going on ? It’s all going to shit in an historical blink of an eye


Cannabis Consumed in London (Yes London not the whole of the UK)

An estimate by the Independent Drugs Monitoring Unit (IDMU) gives out a figure between 622 and 1407 tons of cannabis being consumed every year in the UK out of which 65% are supplied by domestic producers.

There is no specific data existing for cannabis users with the London area but using the conservative estimate of 1.04 million users of London, consuming cannabis at the rate in which against the whole country is consuming, the figure comes around to 149.27 and 337.68 tons that are consumed annually in the city.

Close to a ton a day in London alone (More if you consider wholesale) . May doesn’t seem to get the point and prefers prohibition and alcohol and fags. For people with genuine medical conditions the war is harming the most vulnerable - Nice work Tories particularly as the UK is one of the worlds largest exporters of the drug.