Armchair politics


Is it just me that thinks the background to that is some shaved pubic areas that have been sewn together?


Just you, being true to your forum tagline.



Government feeling a bit antsy about Saudi Arabia’s likely execution of journalist.

On the other hand, not too bothered about Saudi Arabia’s wholesale slaughter of Yemeni civilians (using UK made ordinance)


I do like this face off. One cunty regime blaming another cunty regime for bumping off a journo. In the meantime both cunty regimes lock jounos up for a fucking pastime.


I assume that the Saudis thought that Turkey would be fine with it. They’re probably really surprised at the reaction!


I thought the only thing stopping the Turks and Saudis from having a series of shooting wars over the last 50 years was the Yanks telling them not to. They appear to absolutely detest each other historically.


Imagine my surprise. The Democratic football lads march ends in violence. Who could have forseen that?


Football cunts turn out to be a tad cunty, they really are knuckle dragging fucknuggets.


The big march next Saturday has potential for chaos.
Hopefully that doesn’t happen.


Ordinarily, I would agree with you. However, bashing the fuck out of a bunch of fascists is very tempting.

Let’s leave the violence aside and have some enthusiastic civil disobedience, verging on chaos and disorder. Think Poll Tax riots in London…they got the Government’s attention quick smart.


Not unpleasant


Shame they didn’t hold it a couple of weeks ago, there was an important date to commemorate.

“They shall not pass” being a motto worthy of upholding.


As recounted by The Men They Couldn’t Hang


King Salman has no clothes on.

And embarrassed munitions sellers are desperately trying to avert their eyes to the fact.


If he stays in politics ,I reckon he will be pm in 20 years






The Saudis have Boris surrounded. Maybe they will “accidentally” murder him.


A UK political party leader spending time with murderers. Can’t end well. Wait till the Daily Heil gets hold of the story, they won’t let up for weeks.