Armchair politics



I thought gammon was haram.


I’m beginning to find Tony Hancock increasingly prescient.

It seems that East Cheam has become the spiritual home of a swathe of Tory MPs who are utterly confident their own froth and confections are entirely sufficient to throw a cloaking device over any inconveniences encountered in the real world.

And keep the electorate firmly in the dark.


East Cheam=Sutton. Always voted Lib Dem when I lived there.


Ah, ok. I’ve always placed in a free trade area with Narnia and Middle Earth.




Suspected bombs sent to Obama and Clinton homes as CNN building evacuated – live


If actual devices are found, then it will obviously be “brown” terrorists.

Not Red Necks who believe all the shit that POTUS tells them. No surree, won’t be no rednecks.





So soon!

Paul Dacre must be incandescent today, spluttering over his cornflakes & kedgeree.

Their readership must be somewhat baffled as well! :grinning:

Rothermere has evidently realised that just taking advertising from Dyson & Wetherspoons won’t be enough.



WTAF - This is fucking crazy

Accused by NCA of pwoppa norty crimes, he get’s a seat on Marrs cosy couch to spout bollocks??


blah blah blah,i’ve been transparent,blah blah blah,my bank statements show no wrongdoing,blah blah blah


And on Question time in 2 weeks


You’re kidding?


No doubt many spurious (& anti-semitic) jibes about George Soros funding globalist politics as well.

What with QT last night offering us yet another on their endless conveyor belt of Brexity, right wing unaccountable blowhards (this time Kate Andrews, from the secretive IEA) the BBC are really working hard at maintaining balance.


As bonfires are lit and fireworks light up the sky we remember the man who did everything he could to destroy Parliament and our democracy.

But enough about Arron Banks…