Armchair politics


Judging by the two plants he has to look after, UK agriculture is in safe hands :smile:


I can’t help but see Harry Enfield every time I look at him


I think that’s most unfair to Harry.


It’s always a shame for the doppelganger. Apparently Baldrick was gutted to see a picture of Stronzetto



Pick you previous pm.


‘Scotland is secular and has to remain that way’ (they are discussing football) :rofl:


Make the Eton cunt pay for it.


Someone on here should buy it for £12,000


Could be useful for the mod team


Nah - get him to bend over and part his arse cheeks then let fly with the cannon


Problem is, he’d enjoy it :roll_eyes:


True. But it’d be fun watching it


You know you don’t have fantasize. There’s PornHub for that kinda stuff.


Grammar Control Cannon :+1:


Tried it, but when I type in ‘water cannon’ in the search bit I end up with Trump like games


Seems a shame,might of come in handy post 29th March,along with the 20,000 police cuts.


That would be ironic. First he wastes our money on cannon for which there’s no need. Then he wastes the country, creating civil unrest just as soon as there are no cannon. He is a worryingly dangerous idiot.



Nah some angry looking woman in Northern Ireland bought it on the agreement the govt would buy it back for £1 billion after some little vote in the HoC.