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I was going to put this in the CP thread but it’s just as appropriate here.

RM the elder also inherited money from his father. Both RM senior and junior are Catholics and espouse individual freedoms and hard core disaster capitalism.

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Not really surprising but this should be investigated…

The uncontested claim has stated that the TaxPayers’ Alliance is responsible for Elliott’s Brexit Central website as part of nine “linked” high-profile rightwing “thinktanks” that operate in and around offices at 55 Tufton Street in Westminster and coordinate media and other strategy.

In Sanni’s case, they also coordinated with Downing Street.






Amazing that he hasn’t just been assassinated - whether by a rogue individual or a covert government agency.

Surely there must be a grassy knoll on his jogging route.


See he was with his buddy the other night





Total coincidence apparently, both of them utterly unaware the other was even in the restaurant, nothing to see here, move along…:thinking::roll_eyes:


Boris’s dad Stanley was also present.


ComRes/Sunday Mirror/Sunday Express:

LAB 40 (=)
CON 36 (-3)
LD 9 (=)
UKIP 7 (+2)
SNP 3 (=)
GRN 3 (+1)

Fieldwork 14th-15 Nov (changes vs 26th-27th Sep)



Probably did it a favour. It would have froze to death in the winter of 1963 and that would have been a moar 'orrible way to die.

Just shows what a thoughtful chap he is.


[ ]…on Mars.



Socks and man bag FTW. :rofl:


Check out the comments section. The level of racism displayed is shocking. :rage:


Slazenger socks,for the cunt around town look