Armchair politics


Stuff. Of. Nightmares.


I’m still not sure why they aren’t using Liz Truss’s drone scaring dogs down at Gatwick. Sort this problem once and for all.



Good as always but he seems to have lightened up a bit.


Paddy Ashdown dead at 77


Jeebus, that is shocking.


Sad news about Ashdown. He always appeared to be a thoroughly decent and principled politician.

Unlike Osborne, who makes quite a bit of sense in this interview précis, before reverting to type and releasing his innner moron in the quotes used in the final paragraphs.


Hiding in plain sight?


Utter tossers, are these idiots being paid for this?


Much simpler to just shoot all obese people.


That’s cleared :sob: out the Forum in one swoop


Yep, only the dipso left.


I bet the low limit applies to those sandwiches advertised as low cal, no doubt a little detail omitted by the telegraph.


How about taxing Amazon and all the other tax avoidance fuckers like Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Costa etc… 10% of annual UK turnover as a windfall tax every year until the fuckers start paying taxes propperly?




I have a proper medical excuse, I don’t have a leading eye, so when I read / write the letters move about on the screen as each eye is swapping the lead role. My way of coping is reading things three times, I was diagnosed when I was 42 when one of my daughters was tested at Manchester Uni medical centre after being referred. She still goes in as a test case for students at the Uni, as it’s rare in the UK.

Every time I read something the letters are in a different order, so it makes learning paterns of letters to make words quite difficult and reading sentances interesting as the meaning changes. Still managed to get by with it.


Ok, but if you dish it out…

@OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi has an excuse too. He’s usually pissed,

Oh, and it’s sentences btw.





You spell sweary words properly


Anyway, back to mocking the obese and nanny state tactics intended to belly block them with portion control :smile: