Armchair politics


The last poll was 48/52, this is saying the same thing, or quite different things depending on how you treat the point estimates and/or the polling error (which is very complex). I emphasise that YouGov type polls do not really deal with this properly and are unreliable until you get close to a decision date. I would expect the gap to reliably widen as we approach any second referendum. As I can’t see such a thing occurring in 2019 for logistical reasons, I would not worry too much about inference from polls.


Nick Cohen polishes off & publishes the same tired old diatribe for the umpteenth time & gets paid by the Observer/Graun for his trouble. Still wishes it was '97 & Tony was in charge.

Evidently the price is right & has been for about 3 years now.


I don’t really care who writes it, it’s the message that counts.

Except Polly Toynbee. She’s always wrong about everything :blush:


Remember, as far as Brexit is concerned, Corbyn is on the same side as Johnson, Gove, Farage, etc.





I don’t care what your politics are, or what you think of Anna Soubry. The kind of behaviour displayed by this thug is a disgrace


And the government cynically ramping up the fear so Mays vote goes through



Paul you need to get a copy of War & Piss - it is genius. I haven’t got past the first page of A’s yet for laughing


I’m hoping I’ll get one in 5 days time :thinking:


Trust in Santa he’s an avid Viz reader :+1:


Judge Dread really ought to have been there to supply some instant justice


Sorry, avid 2000AD reader once upon a time.


This is Judge Dread



I wouldn’t fuck with him either

Those eyes

(And that shirt!! Takes one serious badass to pulll that shit off)




Is that her active for sex face :face_vomiting: