Armchair politics


Love to know what they were both thinking at that moment


He’s probably not used to seeing bare shoulders on a woman, because it’s just such a scandalous indecency in modern society.



I recently removed myself from my armchair and joined the parish council. Bit dull so far, but there was cake n stuff at one meeting. We discuss dog poo, refurbishing the village well and inconsiderate parking a lot.


How the mighty fall…


All the excitement is in ‘burials’, I’m told …



Sounds like a good opportunity to start a “park like a cunt” section on the parish notice board.


I have never been mighty.


There was a recent crisis at the cemetery. Thankfully it was resolved quickly by the clerk.
She does most of the work. We just seem to sit around and talk bollocks.


I though you had your necrophilia under control these days.:stuck_out_tongue:


You should join the Labour party. That’s all they do.


I have joined. Likes a bit of bollocks.


dont you have to be elected? or did you join by force - a coup d’etat?


Must be a rotten borough.


We are a very small parish. When the councillor for our ward died, the post was only advertised lightly and a Momentum bloke none of us had heard of was shoehorned in on the basis that there was no opposition. Doubt he’ll get in next time when the proper vote is held.


What does a parish council do?


I was co-opted. Don’t think they have had a vote for many years.




Draw up the local plan that has to be approved by the County Council that controls how the area is developed. Agrees planning applications. Decides how local funding is spent. Represents locals when they have a problem like needing a bigger / different council house.

Quite a lot actually, mostly overseen by the County.


can you get a subwoofer installed in the library? What are you planning to do with the council tax you collect.

Can you propose a motion to support a parish subsidised meat market?