Armchair politics


Do you have to go to church?


We don’t have a library. The finance meeting is next week were we sort the precept. Have to figure out what we can and can’t pay for without putting the council tax up much. Now that the county council is fucked and has withdrawn funding for almost everything it is tricky.


Nobody has to go to church, but we do now and then.





While he was causing trouble at Westminster this week,either sky/bbc/chan 4 etc should have pulled him in to ask him his views on Brexit on live telly.
Soon would have exposed his nonsense


I wouldn’t feed him the oxygen of publicity.



I know it’s the Sun etc etc, but FUCKING HELL


Again. :rofl:


Total cunts

Suggestions for a Minister of Food FFS!


Get my vote, they make more sense than the major league players.


The whole benefits fiasco is shameful, totally inhumane.

Privileged cunts openly sneering at the genuinely disadvantaged.

Welcome to “Great” Britain.

You’re welcome to Great Britain !





Stupid cunt

Farage ally said black men are violent due to high testosterone


Sadly, I can see some of the shitbags at work nodding sagely and saying, “It’s only something people are afraid to say out loud.”


Here in lies the worse excuse for racism etc
Edit: not the worse but one that seems to be part of a human condition of living in close proximity to a perceived difference to one self


As animals we are programmed to be fearful of the different or unknown. But humans have a highly developed prefrontal cortex, which allow us to think through our fear and become reasonable.

Sadly many people seem to underuse this.