Armchair politics


“A Recall Petition - which can force a by-election if signed by more than 10 per cent of the Peterborough electorate - cannot be opened until the appeal process is complete.”

That is what it said in the article I linked to two days ago

I win :roll_eyes:



I’m not the cunt who is arguing :grin:


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Except Fischer despite being bonkers, was actually good at what he did. Jezzer is just bonkers.


There are Labour MPs who agree with that sentiment


The Labour party still tearing themselves apart, maybe over the next few years we will see a new party emerge to take the centre ground and it will be free of the baggage that is plaguing Labour at the moment.

The sight of Labour MPs and Union bosses doing deals with May to secure funding in exchange for votes is fucking sickening.


Is that actually happening, I just thought it was some bollocks story that popped up?


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I can only go by the interview that took place with Frank Fields and a Lab MP, the former said there was nowt wrong with doing it and the latter confirmed he had asked for cash. Other than that, various TV news reporters are saying its happening but the MPs just won’t say it themselves. Even the Labour leadership is putting out missives telling Lab MPs not to take money. it all adds up to a legit story so far.


Nope, it appears to be true. The only time this has happened before in UK politics is the May/DUP deal, to my knowledge, although it has been common to have electoral sweeteners where a group is promised a good deal - most obviously pensioners and the triple lock on pensions; since they are more likely to vote than others they get plenty of these.

In the USA it’s very common - it’s known as pork barrel politics. American cities fight over political handouts, and offer huge tax incentives to businesses and sporting entities to relocate.

In the UK this hasn’t really happened, but for a good while we have had a lot of regional grants from the EU. It looks like the post-Brexit system for regional balance will be based upon how people vote. Typical of May to import the most egregious practices from the USA.


Amusing that Conservatives on their WhatsApp group are shitting themselves about a June election given how easily they should win it. :grinning:


As opposed to Gammon politics. It’s all the same.


Shows what mad times we are in.
The Guardian ran the article I linked to above regarding splits in Labour, but also ran this


We’ll have a very hung parliament at the next GE, forming any sort coalition will be difficult if not impossible.


Given the last one, where they were what, 20 points ahead when it was called? This fear seems entirely rational!


No, according to this one poll, they’re miles ahead. They should go for it.

I shall enjoy watching Theresa trying to avoid the public again.


Lib Lab coalition


Amuse away. Corbyn is a fucking joke.


James Endersby, CEO of Opinium (who, surprise surprise, showed Labour trailing by 7 points) is also an advisory board member of the ‘Progressive Centre’ thinktank that pays Chuka Umunna £400/hr for his input. He’s also writing articles for the Observer saying that the Centre ground is where it’s at. That is despite an existing centre party like the LibDems doing terribly at the moment.

They aren’t even trying to be subtle. The sooner that Umunna, Chris Leslie etc resign & set up their own Centrist/Blairite/Alastair Campbell party the better. They’ll get plenty of support from the Guardian & Observer when they do.