Armchair politics


Apparently if they get 7,000 signatures on a petition from the constituency it can force a by-election.


That could get that on Twitter tonight!


As I said though, I think the ducking stool is a more likely option in Peterborough.


Over 24,000 people voted against her last time. It doesn’t sound like it should be hard.



She got caught speeding. Big fucking deal. Why did she feel the need to lie about it? Stupid fool has ruined her life.


Indeed, mad how something like that spiralled out of control.

3 points or a speed awareness course. Everyone tuts for 5 minutes and moves on.


And after seeing what happened to Chris Huhne.

But still this seems to be something that people do fairly routinely - if you’re on six points and someone else is clean, just transfer to them, no harm done. Wrong.


Her brother had done this a few times before and sounds like he sorted it very quickly. I guess she had to decide then whether to send him to prison or try and bluff it out.

Crazy situation to get in to.


What, taken points for others or persuaded others to take his? :thinking:


Persuaded others to take them.


Shame she didn’t know a solicitor. On an ‘I have this friend who’s done a bad thing’ basis she might’ve got some useful advice.

Oh. Hang on.




Lib Dems preparing for govt.

It’s going great, Jez. The Bobby Fischer of politics.


He does not agree with you. He is a Muppet. We are all doomed.


Don’t think they can do that yet as she is appealing the sentence


Corbyn calls for snap election to help put an end to austerity

That cunt is so desperate to be PM he will try and use anything as an excuse for a GE.

I really believe the Brexit supporting fucktard has become a full on bullshit career politician now.


It can’t be done until the appeal is resolved.


that’s what I said.


I can’t blame him for that, but the opinion polls seem to suggest that he would have a hard time winning a majority.

He does seem to be having problems pronouncing the letter n though

The Labour leader met with voluntary organisations and charities working to tackle poverty in south-west Glasgow on Saturday, where he criticised “Tory cuts”


No. You said you didn’t think they could. I was confirming the rule.