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I don’t mind what her background is so long as she approaches her job with even-handedness. Unfortunately, she doesn’t. And then some

The clusterfuck is that her approach is for from unique in the Beeb: it’s the thin red line on their coverage of Brexit.

Exhibit B


Jeremy continuing to outwit the opposition at every turn.

With standing apologies to those who like to imagine YouGov is run out of Conservative central office.


Don’t know = 39% :laughing:


Yeah, best != good :rofl:


I’m loving this story because:

This MP is also a Rangers supporting SFA linesman who screamed 3 times “Red Card! Red Card! Red Card!” with delight on his face to the ref during a Rangers v Celtic match at Ibrox last year. It was a booking at most. Celtic were reduced to 10 men but despite being 2-1 down at the time went on to win 3-2.



Oh, great. We can look forward to more and more of the odious twat on tv. As if he’s not on far too much already.


Here we go again.

Rinse and repeat.


A new Brexit party, supported by Nigel Farage has been officially recognised by the Electoral Commission and is likely to win over thousands of Tory defectors …

There’s ambition for you. If they field, say, 100 candidates then each one will get some tens of votes. UKIP is dead for a reason.



They said that about UKIP at the beginning, it funded the gravy train to Europe for Farage personally and directly pushed the Tories toward a referendum.
I detest Farage but he played a fairly weak hand extremely well.


He’s a very effective politician.

It’s just a pity that I disagree with *almost everything he stands for.

*actually make that all


I can’t help noticing that your entire post is written in the past tense. He forced a referendum which he won. There’s no way up from coming first.

His only hope is that May calls a general election, the parties then fragment and a centrist coalition forms and proposes seriously to re-run the referendum. Then there would be a job for him to do. But right now there isn’t. He’ll have to think of something else - re-introducing the death penalty perhaps, or making abortion illegal again, or bringing back smallpox.



Bringing back ration books and national service.


Of course it was, I was talking about his ‘achievements’ with UKIP. I think that is very much in the past, Even though the fall out is huge and reverberating very much through the here and now!


Re-take the Suez Canal, reboot TSR-2.


The leader of said brexit party looks fun;

She is best-known for failing to win Great Yarmouth for UKIP in the 2017 general election despite an innovative campaign which saw her brandish a large photograph of her Jamaican husband at one hustings in an attempt to demonstrate that ’Kippers were not racist, later telling Vice “I sleep with somebody who is black.”

It’s as a pundit, though, where Blaiklock comes into her own. On New Year’s Day she popped up on the Conservative Woman website where, under the headline “Hungry? Let them eat spuds!” she explained that poor people “cannot be bothered” to cook and claimed the use of food banks was causing obesity.

Blaiklock advised those on low income to heed the example of Sherpas in the Himalayas, who eat “practically nothing but boiled potatoes with a bit of salt and chilli on the side”, adding that “a visit to a food bank of the type that millions are supposed to rely on shows you the problem. It is full of cans of sweet custard and packets of PopTarts and the like. They do not stock raw potatoes because they might ‘go off’.”

In an earlier piece for the same website, she offered these enlightened thoughts on drug sentencing: “If you are 18 years old and you can either earn hundreds of thousands of pounds drug dealing or work at a minimum wage job for £8 an hour, which would you take?.. But if (an offender) knew that if he got caught dealing drugs or for murder he would automatically hang, would he be quite so keen? Maybe that minimum wage job in Tesco would start to look a little more appealing.”



TSR-2 ? C’mon, don’t mess about.



I bet the woman in the background with the striped trousers could kick start a TSR-2


Where do they dig these people up from? This shark eyed anal bead makes Stronzetto look meek


He’s started the new party as he doesn’t believe that the Brexit being proposed is hard enough, he wants a full on walk away from the EU.