Armchair politics


wonder if he’ll forgo his pension…


Since when did integrity have anything to do with politics?


but but but… he likes a pint and… he must be nice if he doesn’t like those foreign types.


Like his wife?


Wives - first was Irish, second was German, both now ex. Then he hung out for a while with Laure Ferrari (French). There could still be an integrity problem though …






Not wanting Chris Grayling to get all the attention, Gavin Williamson maps out an alternative future.



Surely Gatwick Airport will now surrender and realise its declaration of independence was folly.


Baldrick would have been proud !



They’ve already deployed Liz Truss’s Drone attack dogs down at Gatwick. Here’s hoping our enemies don’t figure out how to use dogs against Gavin’s swarm. It could get messy.


Christ, is this for real or a spoof??

edit: fuck me, it’s real !!:eyes:



Gavin Williamson has gone rogue. Tosser.



Shame :unamused:


About time these double standards were addressed


JRM will be along to liken MAC-10’s to tickling sticks in 5,4,3,2…


had a small snigger at this, well quite a large one if truth be known. My wife was offered one of these tax avpoidance schemes when she went contracting, I told her to avoid it as it was an obvious tax avoidance measure and HRMC at the time said they would eventually come for their money.

Looks like they are coming for the money and showing bugger all mercy on the way, oh dear, what a shame.


Gavin Williamson, strutting the world stage like General jumbo…bloody embarrassing