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To the surprise of absolutely nobody, except possibly his mum, a National Audit Office report today revealed that Grayling’s reforms while he was in Justice totally fucked up the probation service and cost the country a fortune.


Thank heavens they moved him to somewhere where he could do less harm. Oh, hang on, breaking news



He’s an imbecile.


The Dept of Transport has today an accepted an offer from new operator, Landborne Freight for exclusive use of their new tunnel to ease concerns over difficulties with EuroTunnel post Brexit. The DoT has agreed to pay £47Bn for the use of this tunnel which Landborne have assured will be dug & ready by 29th March subject to funds being received. Chris Grayling has hailed this as further proof of the government’s positive outlook & willingness to support start-up ventures.


Is this to be used for delivering pizzas?


In a statement accompanying the agreement, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “While it is disappointing that Eurotunnel chose to take legal action on contracts in place to ensure the smooth supply of vital medicines, I am pleased that this agreement will ensure the Channel Tunnel is ready for a post-Brexit world.”

Is it not ready now? I’ve been through it at least 5 times and it looked ok to me. I didn’t get wet and I came out the other end in one piece.


Only vertically as it will be quite narrow


Pizza deliveries will be possible through the new tunnel. Here’s one Landborne Freight finished just last month.


So failing Grayling has cost us at least £200m recently. Johnson (snigger) cost us £53m for the bridge fiasco.

Gotta love them Tories and their fiscal management skills.


Not harsh enough, but to the point :+1:


Not only the crust that will be stuffed then…


It’s a tad worse than that. BBC lunchtime news reported that the probation fiasco cost £467m. Add in the £33m to Eurotunnel and he has wasted half a billion.


The cunt can pay it out of his publishing royalties


Despite all their claims the Tories have wasted no end of wedge over the years.

Utter cunts all of them


The more I read on here, the more I feel Stronzetto really does have a place in politics


Half a billion in glue?
I’m your man to arrange the supertanker.


It really sticks in the craw. Grayling’s £0.5bn is a drop in the ocean next to the billions spent on no deal preparations which is a total waste as no UK government or Parliament will let that happen due to the GFA. Even those billions pale into insignificance next to the amount that the Tory Brexit has cost the country in lost investment, consumer confidence, shrunken growth etc since 2016. All because Cameron didn’t have the balls to take on UKIP head-on. Not to worry though because those cunning Tory cunts have found a way to make the poor and disabled pay for it all whilst their buddies are filling their boots. I love this country.


Grayling has cost us £2.7Bn so far. It really would be worth paying him to either stay at home or go on holiday to wherever he wants for as long as he wants.



Reckon he could have a dump on May’s head during PMs QTs and she still wouldn’t sack him


If he was up on the balcony he’d miss but to be honest it wouldn’t matter who he hit.