Armchair politics


She keeps him to make the rest of them look competent.



I’m gonna look up what he did before he was an MP. I wonder what job/s he had?

Here we go:


Worked in telly

Was a member of the SDP before joining the Tories

Got elected as MP in 2001

No mention of his financial prowess though

A big clue is his birthday


1 day younger than me.


I swear this reads like something out of Alan Partridge. He never seems to have lasted in any job longer than 2-3 years (I wonder why). The BBC Select thing really has to be from Alan Partridge, surely. Did it die while he was still there ? You wouldn’t trust him to look after your house plants while you were away would you.



Almost 8 buses.


Makes Johnson’s £300K water cannon seem like small change


Interesting comment following a guardian article today (can’t seem to get a link) basically says his job is to smash the government department before a more moderate person takes over a much reduced, outsourced entity. Reads worryingly well…


took me a moment!



Another incompetent cunt promoted beyond his abilities.


What surprises me are the totally unnecessary calls for him to resign.

He should be sacked and then that decision is taken out of his hands.


The Maybot is his bestie.


So fucking what? She’s only hanging on to her own job because none of the other fuckers would touch it with a bargepole atm.


I had wondered if this guy was a saboteur


Fuck me, it’s all gone Pete Tong in that Party.


Bloody pinko Graun at it again.
The Tories’ response to raging Islamophobia? Turn a blind eye



Reports are emerging that Chris Grayling tried to resign last night but somehow managed to cancel his Netflix subscription instead.


Amazingly, not one of BoJo’s egregious mindfarts in the Telegraph get a mention. Still, nice to see it finally being dealt with.


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