Armchair politics


It’s an American thing.


Interesting article from the bbc covering some of the same issues, albeit at a high level and not getting into the devil of the detail.


Interesting article on Toby Young in the Graun. I didn’t know about his father: “his father, Michael Young, a Labour peer who wrote the 1945 Labour manifesto, coined the term meritocracy, established the Consumers’ Association and the forerunner of the Open University. When he died in 2002, he was described by the Guardian as a “towering figure in postwar social policymaking”.”

Imagine his disappointment in a son like Toby!


Interesting piece.

It does beg the question should someone be forever condemned for things they’ve written/said/twittered etc? I haven’t read all of his, now deleted, output. I think none of it was illegal or there’d have been consequences but they were clearly very disgusting for any sane/decent person to have written.

Is he someone who now wants to be taken seriously or is he just an over privileged toff that we should disregard?

Does he believe his own bile or is he just a naughty boy?


he’s a cunt.


is the correct answer. And now a sports question…


I totally agree.

What I guess I was asking is can people be redeemed?


Perhaps only in the eyes of other cunts.


Jesus says they can. Have you met Jesus? Will you let him into your heart? Jesus is good. Be like Jesus


Where can I meet this fella?


Man City


He deleted about 8000 tweets in the last few days. I’m disinclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Yup, I agree.

I was trying to start a conversation about whether it’s possible for people, not Toby Young, to be redeemed.


In Toby Young’s case he doesn’t deserve redemption. A man with his education and intellect should have worked out that counselling is a better way to deal with his daddy issues rather than turning into a professional sexist homophobic right wing nutjob probably just to antagonise his father.


Again I agree in the case of Young. He’s a gold plated twat. Although I do think he believes his own bile, no proof at all just an unprovable gut feeling on my part.

But how far can someone go and be able to walk it back later?

Can you drop the ‘n’ word once or twice? Can you say look at the t%^s on that? etc etc


Trying to get out of his father’s shadow, he might have thought it were a good idea to do what his father never would dare to.


More likely Toby Young is just a giant cock with an over inflated sense of self.


On second thought, what you say is more likely, I think you must be right.
Thinking is a word not applicable in connection with Mr. Toby Young.


What annoys me about privilege is how it can be so misused. The likes of Young, Cameron, Johnson, Osborne etc were born wealthy, well educated and had all the doors flung open for their careers. But instead of doing something for the betterment of society, they simply buffed up their own egos and fucked those without their privilege. I hate them and everything they stand for.


With views like this I could develop a man-crush on you :heart_eyes: