Armchair politics




How many more will die before the musical chairs are seated?



Superb as always. You can see that most of his videos are part of his act. Not this one, he looks really angry. Good.


One of the loudest shouts of “CUNT” I’ve heard in a while. :thinking:

He is a bit of a one trick pony though…


Agreed. A one trick pony on point nonetheless.


Emotionally driven but still more factual content in his rant than the shit that Hunt and the DH expect you to swallow.

If it was your elderly relative left on a trolley in a fucking corridor for days, with very little comfort and care to basic needs, exactly how would you feel? If that relative died in a corridor overnight, and let’s say it wasn’t picked up until late morning the next day, how would you feel then? Sadly I’ve witnessed this.




Interesting - I await Diane’s and Poly’s reply.

TBH I’m getting sick of able (as opposed to morally perfect) public servants from all Parties being forced out rather than just being given a good bollocking by their boss. There are too few capable politicians without loosing them to media witch-hunts.

Though his earlier tweets wipe my argument out somewhat, it would be interesting if anyone here tried to get a public job and had their posts analysed.

We’d all be fucked.




hahaha that’s true


Tacit agreement on the rest of the post is appreciated :joy:




Oh yes he is. Oh no he isn’t:

Cock up in the reshuffle by the Tory HQ, announcing the wrong man as Party Chairman. This tweet sums it up:



And in more strong and stable news:

Fucking amateurs :roll_eyes:. An opportunity to delete missed. Should have called @TMC:wink:


This shop needs to reveal themselves and receive the credit they deserve.



that is great, the last item contextualises the location…is that Corbyns receipt?


Panettone and organic loaves in Islington. Muh stereotypes.


what out for President Brie though…


Fuck sakes could he have a more cunty face? Its surely beyond anyone to not want to thump this cunt in the stomach until he cries.