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Penance would wipe the smug cunts smile off


For his crimes against the NHS, Hunt is being haunted by the ghost of Kenneth Williams. Incontrovertible proof:



Oh dear lord the stupid cunt is now going to get social care too :man_facepalming:

From BBC feed -

What does Hunt reappointment mean for social care?

Jeremy Hunt’s demise as health secretary has been predicted quite a few times before but he has proved remarkably resilient and is already one of longest-serving occupants of the post.

He first succeeded Andrew Lansley in September 2012.

The addition of social care to his job title is the main talking point.

At the moment, responsibility for adult social care is shared between the Department of Health and Department for Communities and Local Government. Does this mark a shift in responsibility in Whitehall?

There have been longstanding calls for greater integration between the NHS and social care providers in England

I predict greater opportunities to obscure further cuts to health and to social care spending under the guise of ‘greater integration’.


= consultancy fees. Big ones!


Big 4 bullshit jobs.


It seems like Jez C Hunt refused to move to BEIS and so Mrs May had to give in.

Currently, I am finding the thought of feeding Mr Hunt slowly into an industrial woodchipper while he attempts to say ‘there is no crisis’ very appealing. I expect pouring in strong vinegar and some salt at the same time would help things along. Pre-tenderising him with a rusty hammer could be a sensible precaution to protect the blades on the woodchipper.

EDIT: In response to a question about folk sleeping on the floor in hospitals, Phillip Dunne, a Tory health minister just commented:

“There are seats available in most hospitals where beds are not available.”


Let’s see him repeat that little gem with the woodchipper set to blend.


And I bet Hunt does a rubbish ‘ooooh matron’ as well.


’ From cradle to grave ', we’re fucked.


Wasn’t he the woman in Murder she wrote?


This. So this.

If one good thing were to have come out of this reshuffle then it would have been separating Hunt from the NHS. Instead he gets to keep that and is now given something else to break as well :frowning_face:.



Too late, they’ve already broken that. Hunt’s job presumably is to fuck it up beyond recognition.



Overall a reshuffle that is timid beyond belief. Trapped.

She has opened the door to M Corbyn just a little more (quite wide maybe).


She could open the door and take down the entire wall but that cunt would still miss it.


Exactly! Absolutely feckin’ useless.


She epitomises everything that is shit about England…as was.

And yet, and yet there is so much that is brilliant about the UK and it has so much future potential: but neither party is near to understanding or representing that. Which totally fucks me off about the politics in this country.

If elected I could, I would (eat green eggs and ham) because I feel excited by the potential! :wink:



Best news I’ve heard this week :+1:


And Mr Dunne has just been given the sack by Mrs May. :grin:

EDIT: Mark Garnier has also been sacked in a move that will inevitably provoke a huge downturn in the sale of dildos in London.


Hah, wait till I next bump into that ice cream cone haired Tory dog in town :grinning: