Armchair politics



Just for a change. Is all fuckin’ big business corrupt ?

Really saddens me what our country has become.


There are no words to reply to this, other than they were probably also said by our fathers, grandfathers…


That doesn’t make it right.Then the logical (and frightening) question becomes, where does it all end ?


I totally agree. Just saying it’s been said before many times and we never, ever fucking learn.


Wasn’t spoiling for an argument Dave. It’s just depressing.


No argument here. The depressing part for me is that this has been going on for years and I can’t see anything changing - we’re humans; it’s what we do. Though I truly wish we could, and, would change.


The fat cat directors should all be lynched and their heads chopped off and put on spikes outside the local job centres. :rage:


Yep, me too.

Maybe next generation, eh ?


Nice thought, but I’m sure there are plenty of apprentice cunts in the pipeline.


I do hope so. :+1:


From the party of small govt that doesn’t get involved in peoples’ lives.


Is there a National Database of things politicians of all parties, celebrities, etc. have said donkeys years ago that can be dragged up at times to suit newspaper headlines?


Yeah, the internet.


He looks scarily like Al Murray as the Pub Landlord.

I have to say though, I do think it’s fucking irresponsible to have kids if you don’t have the wherewithal to support them off your own back. I wouldn’t go as far as compulsory sterilisation though.


Thank you, so there will be multiple conflicting headlines on every report / comment / action. Everything is based on a selective pick of the “news” as a means of pushing the views of the headline writers.

Good reason to ignore these types of headlines.

Particularly social media from extreme groups who just make it all up.


Isn’t that how newspapers have always operated?
People writing shit on the web just gives another source of material. My advice to people who want to be in public service/eye would be:
1, sort out your attitude towards the rest of humanity.
2, If you can’t manage number 1, don’t post nasty hateful shit on the internet.
3, Having failed to stick to number 2. Don’t cry when those views come back and slap you down.