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I read that as NO CLUE.



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Too much today?


As it happens I’ve just got back from the workshop and one of the tasks out there was glueing a valve back into its (octal) base. I use a mix of 1 part clear nail varnish to 2 parts acetone. But I did the misreading before I went out.



More good news for Theresa:


Won’t happen. The opposition is too ineffectual.


Would any Tory MP in a seat with a high proportion of BME voters vote against this? I’m not even sure I can seen how or why the new Home Secretary could credibly oppose this without inflicting massive damage upon himself and his Party.

The opposition are in a decent position on this despite being feckin’ hopeless. It is a win/win for them as if it is voted down by the Tory/DUP alliance or if it gets the support of the HoC.

Cleft stick time for Theresa.



Not changed much from the 60s when a Tory election leaflet read ‘If you want a n$%&er for a neighbour vote Labour’


Except now Labour has been tainted by an influx of hard left anti-semites. Islamophobic tories or Jew hating lefties - bit of a Hobson’s choice.


Another day, another U turn.

It was funny watching many of the indignant, gammon faced Tories trying to stand up for & defend the privacy of the poor beleaguered denizens of the BVI & Cayman Islands who’ll now have to declare what nefarious business is undertaken in their territories…

My own MP made a rare & spirited appearance in the commons. He never usually attends but there he was, fighting with such vigour for the poor Cayman Islanders. All we have to do now is get him to take a similar interest in the well being of his constituents down here in West Devon. But it’ll be difficult as there’s no money in it for him.




Remind me which ones are the comedians?


Another liar


His name will still be on the ballot paper, I wonder how many people will not realise he has been suspended and still vote for him.


My local MP is suspended. He has been subject to a sexual harrasment complaint and investigation, all had been done confidentially. The three person committee reviews the cases without knowing the identity of either party and had subsequently decided the MP need not be suspended during the investigation.

One of those involved in the investigation then leaked it to the press and the new Lab Gen Sec, Formby, (she of Len McCluskey fame) felt obliged to suspend him because the investigation was now in the public domain.

Anyone would think they wanted one of Corbyn’s fiercest critics out.

In the meantime, Maybot visits Barrow as this is a Tory target seat. A slim majority of 200 kept it Labour last time.

With this cluster fuck, it will go Tory next time.

Ah well.


What is this nonsense May versus JRM and the ERG spat over Customs Partnership vs Maximum Facilitation? It makes as much as sense as two 50’ waist-wearing Abattoirists (yep, the skinny blokes) arguing over the colour of the 32’ waist Daisy Dukes they’ll wear during the heatwave at Lopwell.

Lest we forget, both models are unlikely to get a gig from / have already been dismissed by the EU so we are watching the Tory Party shout at each other over irrelevances.

Wonderful :roll_eyes: