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That didn’t happen, by the way.


The leaflet said coloured, but the campaign said nigger.


Smethwick 1964


Rees-Mogg was in full lying cunt mode this morning on R4 Today.



I imagine the great pro brexit, friend of Dacre (Humphrys) lapped it up. I’ll have to go & find it on iPlayer.


It’s been documented many times.


Yes, and it’s been debunked.


We appear to be having a bit of deja vu, Guy, because we dicussed this before.


It’s like Labour anti-Semitism; the fact that there are awful people in a party does not really reflect on the party leadership or membership in general.


Bu the way, I’m not suggesting the local Conservative candidate wasn’t a racist twunt of the highest order, but that leaflet didn’t come from the Conservatives.


I hadn’t discussed that leaflet before to the best of my knowledge. It is an interesting article though & in letting the racist campaigning continue (it appears by proxy) the Conservatives of the time don’t come out of it well.

I also never knew that Malcom X had visited Smethwick just prior to his being shot.

Interesting to see that Conservative MP’s today are (unusually) being whipped to oppose Labour’s humble address motion requesting the release of documents/correspondence regarding the Windrush affair. Clearly Theresa doesn’t want any of that embarassing detail to become public knowledge.


There was a lot of it around in the UK. The Labour Council in Bristol, along with the TGWU, effectively operated a colour ban on working on the local buses, as an example.






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When faced with the choice between a shit sandwich or turd a la mode, the electorate is understandably reluctant to chose one over the other. The only silver lining out of yesterday is that the very welcome end of UKIP appears to be in sight.


An alternative view is that Labour is not seen as a Government in waiting, no clear lead in the Local elections and no major gains over the Tories.

The Brexit vote and its effect on the electorate will remain dominant until we leave the EU and the transition deal ends.

All yesterdays vote tells me is that the electorate have not chosen Labour to deliver Brexit over the Tories.


Weak government and weaker opposition at such a critical juncture mean we are pretty much fucked. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.


Alternative headline: Voters stuck in the middle of a shit sandwich.