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I object! Mutley was never a racist. A cunt to DD definitely, but never a racist


I wonder if now is the time that Boris & co choose to try & unseat Theresa May. Dacre’s ‘retirement’ & the installation of the pro EU Greig at the Mail (in a belated attempt to de-toxify it) may be the sounding of the death knell for the hard Brexiters’ valiant campaign unless they act fast. It’s also going to be funny to see the Mail’s readers’ reaction to this volte face.


I doubt there will be much of a volte face as Dacre is staying on as Chair and Editor-in-Chief of Associated Newspapers man isn’t he? The Express had a meltdown and went out in support of Blair costing them a huge hit to their sales for several years. I can’t see Rothermere making that kind of a mistake.


Rothermere will have noticed a reluctance for some to advertise in the Mail. I think they’ll be softening their rhetoric.


Boris recorded - He in de poo poo again


Seems he can do what he likes


If he & the other Brexiters seriously want to try getting the hard Brexit they hoped for, they need to act quickly & get rid of Theresa May. Otherwise they’re going to end up with the most half arsed fudge of a deal.


Surely by now they must realise any Brexit will be shit,that’s why i can’t see any of them making a challenge,they will just let May carry the can,then spout off for years about how brilliant it could of been if they had been PM




That’s why I wrote ‘if they’re serious about it’

Deep down, although there’s bluster & moaning from IDS, Mogg, Redwood, Boris, Gove, Peter Bone etc none of them seems to have the bottle to try & seize control. I actually wish they would & the whole thing could go into total meltdown.


There appears to be little or no will in the HoC for a hard Brexit. Booting May out for a Brexiteer might unite the remainers to shackle the Government via amendments or voting down the various Brexit Bills. Also, the chance of replacing May and losing Government completely in the ensuing mess is not insignificant.


Also a good reason for Labour not to want an election right now.
When they eventually get to power they can blame the shit they inherited from the Tories for ever.


Kate Hoey’s an odd one, isn’t she?

That’s all I came to say really.




By the same token, if the Conservatives look to the long game / survival of the party, they will continue to purposefully nause Brexit allowing Labour to win the next election then blame them for all the mess they wouldn’t have made if they were overseeing things outside of the EU.


From an Aussie political article but…

Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



True, but it comes from a Strayan publication. It goes without saying that Strayans are thick, thus find simple words difficult.


You are making the common error in thinking that the Australians speak English.


Ah, good point